Must Read Before You Vote


Wisdom from scripture and from history via remembering the dedication of the Statue of Liberty…

PLEASE READ before you vote:

Dwight Eisenhower remarked April 8, 1954: “I have just come from … the dedication of a new stamp. … The stamp has on it a picture of the Statue of Liberty and ‘In God We Trust.’ … It represents … a nation whose greatness is based on a firm unshakeable belief that all of us mere mortals are dependent upon the mercy of a Superior Being.”

I am not a voter who happens to be a Christian. I am a Christian who votes. You must be the same.

Christians in America must strive to keep Christ front and center in our lives, resisting the temptations to compromise and/or forgo our morality in the voting booth. We also must resist the temptation to skip our responsibility to vote in American elections. Sitting out an election is irresponsible, leaving the future of our God-given country in the hands of others. America is a gift from God above. Only by being Christians who vote will we be able to hold on to that unprecedented gift. America is the oldest democracy in the history of the world. We are an anomaly. Freedom and liberty, as held by Americans, is completely outside the norm of the history of human civilization. Stop now, and just let that sink in…

On the Statue of Liberty’s 50th anniversary, Oct. 28, 1936, Franklin D. Roosevelt stated: “Rulers … increase their power over the common men. The seamen they sent to find that gold found instead the way of escape for the common man from those rulers. What they found over the Western horizon was not the silk and jewels of Cathay but mankind’s second chance – a chance to create a new world after he had almost spoiled an old one. The Almighty seems purposefully to have withheld that second chance until the time when men would most need and appreciate liberty. …”

Our republic is extremely fragile and, while it is easy for us to forget due to our overall high-level of safety, it is extremely susceptible to the very same external and internal forces of destruction that have befallen every society’s attempt at democracy before us. America is a country, a sovereign land mass: she can not protect us, but we must protect her! It is by God’s favor that America exists and it is only by God’s favor that America can last.

God is our protector and we must not turn our backs on him by replacing his Word with worldly values. God delivered his people from Egypt and gave the Israelites a home of their own… Only, the Jews turned against God and turned instead toward immoral living. God took notice and handed Israel over to her conquerors.  Do we wish the same fate for ourselves? Are we truly so arrogant that we deny God’s judgment? We are but fools if we continue our current complacency and expect to remain fat and happy citizens of a free country. Be thou no fool!


2 Peter 2:19 “…promising them freedom while they themselves are slaves of corruption; for by what a man is overcome, by this he is enslaved.”

Be thou no slave! If a single event could demonstrate a true heinousness that threatens our American republic, the revelations from Wikileaks are that event… Over the past few weeks we have become aware of government corruption through the Democratic Party that oozes from every level of government and that has impregnated every one of our institutions: from the Department of Justice, to the courts, to infiltration operatives creating false Christian organization and also infiltrating churches, to the White House and more… institutions we once considered to be credible and which we put our trust in for so long. It is WICKEDNESS!  It also has put the entire structure that is America’s National Security in immediate peril as we have discovered that at least 5 foreign governments have hacked into Hillary Clinton’s server, accessing TOP SECRET information. Is is TREASON! We have become but slaves to the democratic elites. Shake off your shackles!


Proverbs 29:4 “A just king gives stability to his nation, but one who demands bribes destroys it.”

Go vote the wickedness out of America. Say no to Satan’s influence. Be a Christian who votes! ….And, let me end with the prayer of Rev. Richard S. Storrs, delivered at the dedication ceremony of the Statue of Liberty:

“Our Heavenly Father … by whose counsel and might the courses of the worlds are wisely ordained and irresistibly established. … We bless and praise Thee. … It is in Thy favor, and through the operation of the Gospel of Thy Grace, that cities stand in quiet prosperity; that peaceful commerce covers the seas. … We pray that the Liberty which it represents may continue…for all the nations of the earth; that in equity and charity their sure foundations may be established … that they may be ever the joyful servants of Him to whose holy dominion and kingdom shall be no end.”

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