Project 2, Post 9- Quantum Theory, Subatomic Particles & Sub-humans: Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election


Project 2, Post 9- Quantum Theory, Subatomic Particles & Sub-humans: Lessons from the 2016 Presidential Election


~ HEBREWS 12:2

Artistic process:

Continuing with Project 2, I decided to break from my original plan (just briefly). I found a beautiful blue and decided to try a little experiment… I added water to the blue paint; enough to make it very thin, but not so thin that it would be transparent. I filled one of my husband’s shot glasses about half-way full. I stood, shot glass of blue paint in hand, peering down upon my canvas lying on my kitchen floor. After a deep breath and a split-second of hesitation I did it… I turned the glass over. I poured/dumped the blue paint right onto my painting below. I watched as the paint pooled into a large puddle. I loved it! I repeated this process a few more times, varying the amount of paint in the glass in order to ensure that each blue puddle or spatter was not uniform in size, etc.



Standing back, I began to see my blue spots as clusters of subatomic particles…

Teeny, tiny subatomic particles do not adhere to the laws of physics and gravity. Instead, subatomic particles (also called theoretical entities) – like electrons – break the “laws” of physics, lacking definite positions and momentums. “A single particle isn’t really a ‘particle’ as we understand the term, but instead can act like a wave (while not being a wave either). ‘Particles’ are smeared, ghostly entities unlike anything we can visualize or even imagine” (Stokes, 2016).

Every splash of blue on my canvas is different; shape, size, location, etc. The only similarity appears to be the blue hue of each peculiar puddle. This started me thinking about the intellectual, geographic, moral, etc. variances among American voters. Americans tend to see each other as either blue (a Democrat) or red (A Republican).

There are two dominant theories in Theoretical Physics. “Quantum theory tells us about the domain of the extremely small world of subatomic particles, while general relativity tells us about everything else, particularly about the very large and very fast – about reality on a cosmic scale” (Stoke, 2016). Both theories actually need each other, because neither theory alone can account for reality. The two theories are like spouses, each complementing one another through a division of labor (aka areas of study and application). However, Quantum theory and General Relativity have also been known to prove each other wrong, mathematically speaking: for this reason theoretical physicists only use general relativity in its respective domain, and likewise only use Quantum theory in its respective domain. As physicist Brian Green Writes, “When the equations of general relativity commingle with those of quantum mechanics, the result is disastrous. The equations break down entirely.” Michio Kaku has stated, “the great mystery of the past five decades… has been the total incompatibility of these two theories.”

Doesn’t that remind you a bit of Democrats and Republicans?


Typically, we Americans assume that all Democrats agree on every issue, and likewise for Republicans. However, many people do not adhere to party politics by settling into mass consensus on policies or issues… The results of the recent presidential election is an interesting illustration of blues, reds, purples, women, men, Latinos/as, blacks, whites, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc… defying our superficial stereotypes of each group of voters by ultimately voting for and electing Donald Trump to be America’s next president.

As such, we now know that the pre-election polls were wrong – way wrong – showing a far fewer number of Donald Trump voters than there actually ended up being. The majority of Americans, regardless of their vote, were equally surprised at just how many people actually voted for the now President-Elect Trump.

The news media & their pundits, along with those who are often referred to as “elites” were especially stunned by and have appeared generally unprepared to cope with the election results. If this were physics, we might say that this could be an example of what is called the “Problem of Unconceived Alternatives.” In Social Psychology, however, we would call this the “False Consensus Effect” – a common occurrence for people or groups who have a high degree of “egocentric bias” (Mullen, 1983) (Greenberg, 1983).

Within the faulty pre-election polls and political insider predictions also lies another underlying issue regarding the election that is worthy of discussion; the prevalence and effects of name-calling and ad hominem attacks.

To spite each of the presidential candidate’s flaws, one group of Americans became thrust into the election as if they too were one of the presidential candidates. Instead of candidate attacking candidate in normal, predictable campaign fashion, the American citizens actually found themselves targets of widespread slander and defamation for political purposes. It took almost no time at all for citizen-shaming to replace policy discussions. In this process something extremely critical occurred: no longer seen as an intelligent, informed individual making voting decisions on policy, the American voter is now seen as an extension of – a synonymous being of – his/her chosen candidate. Therefore, any American voter siding with the “wrong” candidate is worthy and deserving of humiliation, violence, and ultimate take-down. It isn’t only guilt by association, but eternal, social damnation by association.


~ PSALM 36:2

As multiple members of the press have now publicly acknowledged, their coverage of Donald Trump and of Americans who might vote for Donald Trump was extremely negative and nothing less than an attempt at total polarization of the American populous. Therefore, looking back at the polls, it is certainly reasonable to imagine that some of the Americans who were polled – out of fear of reprisal – may not have truthfully answered, “Who will you be voting for?”

The real damage done to the American public hasn’t been flawed polls… Personally attacking American citizens – American voters – has, perhaps irreversibly, shut down any hopes of open, honest and constructive discussion and deliberation of important issues and policies effecting  our country.


~ PROVERBS 10:12

For example: Over the past two or three years I have been called a bigot, a racist, a flat-Earther, a hater, uneducated, and more. Exclusively due to my Christian faith, numerous people have, on multiple occasions, spoken or written horribly cruel words to me that go something like, “I can’t wait until all of you people go extinct.” Or, “Pretty soon all of you will be dead and extinct.” Or, “Please, just give the world a break and go ahead and die!” Or, “I hate your kind.”

My kind?


~ ROMANS 5:3

Most notable, however, is that my attackers’ maliciously-motivated, vicious acts of name-calling against me have been uttered in seemingly random and nonsensical ways having little to no relation to an issue being discussed…

For example: Amidst a conversation with of friends, both of us mutually expressing the tragedy of and discussing the heroin epidemic effecting so many people around the country, a topic that has been nationally reported by a variety of national news agencies (such as the Washington Post for example), I shared information that I had read about heroin – specifically regarding the geographic sources funneling heroin into the US and Canada – from the official White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy website. (Heroin entering Canada is mostly produced and smuggled into Canada from Afghanistan. Heroin entering the United States is mostly produced in both Mexico and in a few South American Countries – such as Columbia – and, then, that heroin is subsequently smuggled into the United States through Mexico.) Suddenly and without warning, I was screamed at and told that I was both a racist and an anti-immigrant bigot.

Wait… WHAT???

I was under the impression (apparently a false impression) that we were openly discussing a bipartisan, human issue: I assumed that any facts about the drug at the center of the issue (heroin) was relevant to the discussion, and that the free exchange of information regarding this drug was both welcomed and appreciated. I was wrong! In my friend’s eyes (in her view), my informative act of sharing statistical information from the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy website in an innocent attempt to contribute to the conversation, I had – unbeknownst to me – completely changed a bipartisan issue about heroin and the heroin epidemic in the US and Canada into a very partisan issue; a bigoted, racist, all-out war upon all non-whites and upon immigrants.

In spite of the fact that my friend and I had never discussed anything having to do with immigration, border control, NOR the fact that immigrants, race, immigration, etc. had NEVER even been discussed during our “heroin talk,” her political bias weaponry system went into automatic hyper-drive.

The entire situation makes absolutely no sense! I’m still left grappling with a combination of emotions: hurt, confusion, bewilderment, frustration, powerlessness, etc.



In Rules for Radicals, Saul Alinsky stated “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” There is no question that this “ridicule rule” has been utilized repeatedly over the past few years. Yet, that very same rule is also one of the main reasons Americans now find ourselves in our current state of complete communication breakdown, as well as a breakdown of societal civility.

*It is also worth asking: Just how many Americans (democrats and other typically unlikely to be Trump voters) were actually driven into voting for Donald Trump after innocently stumbling into a situation in which they found themselves under attack, such as my own experience that I discussed above?

Paul Graham’s Hierarchy of Disagreements is a good tool for examining the issue of insults and ad hominem attacks (see the image below).


Here’s how it works: The lower that an argument falls on the pyramid, the less productive it is. In critique of the typical “liberal” argument, we can place those arguments into the bottom two categories: “name-calling” and “ad hominem.” (Sometimes, though, liberal politicians will also utilize “contradiction” arguments for personal and party gain.) As social creatures, humans seek acceptance. Thus, name-calling and ad hominem attacks are successful in shutting down discussions, as well as in peer-pressured coercion. Silencing decent and pressuring peers into conformity may initially further the goals of a specific interest group or a specific cause, in the short-term. In the long-term, however, these types of attacks harm both greater society and any other societal/cultural groups who may end up being ostracized or persecuted by the constant attacks from the domineering group.

Name-calling and ad hominem attacks spread fallacious stereotypes and prejudices, and also skew our sense of social reality. It is impossible to understand members of a society – their lives, hopes, needs, etc. – when large portions within that society have become silenced, relegated to second-class citizens. It also becomes difficult for government leaders to address the needs of a diverse populous when one group has forced another group into mute submission. It order for our representative democracy to flourish, we must to move beyond dehumanizing those we disagree with. We must extend respect to every single American citizen, affording all people basic human decency.


~ PROVERBS 10:18


~ 1 PETER 2:17

We can all be passionate about issues that are near and dear to our hearts. However, we can’t continue to hurt and to shame and to demonize and to punish and to silence those whose views aren’t in cultish-unison with our own. We don’t have to find agreement… What we must find is the ability live alongside one another as unique cultural communities. Is someone else’s opinion truly a threat to your own ego?


~ HEBREWS 12:14

A true test of a person’s strength is the ability to listen and to actually consider the ideas and beliefs of others, without name-calling and ad hominem attacks, and to ultimately allow others the human decency to hold and to live by views contrary to your own.

Quantum theory and general relativity are both valuable theories in the physics realm. Thus, isn’t it possible that Americans, though different, may each posses valuable insights to solving America’s issues?


~ TITUS 2:7


Greenberg, Jerald. Overcoming Egocentric Bias in Perceived Fairness Through Self-Awareness. American Psychological Association. Social Psychology Quarterly, Vol. 46, No. 2 (June 1983), pp. 152-156

Mullen, Brian (1983-10-01). “Egocentric bias in estimates of consensus”. Journal of Social Psychology 121 (1): 31-38

“How to be an Atheist: Why Many Skeptics Aren’t Skeptical Enough”




The Roots, Pt. 4: #BLM & the Movement for Black Lives (the conclusion)




Project 2, Post 8 – The Roots, Pt. 4: #BLM and the Movement for Black Lives (the conclusion)

Artistic Process: I repeated the various steps described in the three previous posts of this series, adding movement to my painting. This time I spattered deep-shaded, red paint onto the opposite side of my canvas. Then… as I looked upon my painting, all I saw was blood… It shook me to the bone. With such deception and anger amongst us, I can’t help but fear we are on the precipice of violence with the recent rise in the socialist militant movement of left-wing, fascist totalitarianism. When it comes to communism, history always repeats itself.


“The democratic socialist Eduard Bernstein issued a warning at the turn of the nineteenth century to his fellow Marxists. The danger of a ‘truly miraculous belief in the creative power of force,’ he prophesied, is that you begin by doing violence to reality in theory, and end up by doing violence to people in practice.”

“What distinguishes the new communism is that its leading partisans are fully aware of that potential…and embrace it as a strategy.”

~ Johnson, 2012 “World Affairs” journal



This is the fourth and final installation of an in-depth, investigative series looking into Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives. You can find the first post HERE, the second post HERE, and the third post HERE.

This process began with a visit to the #BLM official website. I have discussed the death of a friend’s grandson which was caused by injuries inflicted by a police officer. I have also described my disappointment and subsequent mourning process after having discovered the true intentions of the Black Lives Matter and Movement for Black Lives organizations. Together, you and I have examined the communist philosophy which is behind these groups, and their devastating goals for the God-given family. I have presented the proof of the communist allegiances of the groups’ leaders and the communist funding that continues to move their movement forward – using constant deceit and disinformation (dezinformatsiya) to trick us into jumping aboard their Marxist train which is steaming ahead toward a violent revolution. Together, we have also explored the sinister motives behind those who support the devastating ideology of communism, especially activists like James Cone and Cornel West who seek to victimize, exploit and foment hatred in the hearts of the black, Christian community. We have learned that devotees of socialism will, like Saul Alinsky, employ all levels of trickery to lead us astray, including the false-labeling of their goals, framing issues in emotional terms such as “equality,” “liberation,” etc.

Or, as renowned “socialist” Slavoj Zizek argues, modern communists should not make the mistake that the leftists did in the past: accepting “the basic coordinates of liberal democracy (‘democracy’ verses ‘totalitarianism’).” Instead, Zizek declares the modern day left should “fearlessly violate these liberal taboos,” adding, “So what if one is accused of being ‘anti-democratic,’ ‘totalitarian’…”


Now, it is time to fully consider what a socialist future would be like, AND to finally examine the explicit platform and demands that have been publicly declared and are listed on the website of the Movement for Black Lives. We will have to confront what their goals mean and how those goals will truly impact our lives.


~ Johnson, 2012 “World Affairs” journal

Socialism (communism/Marxism) is also called a “command economy.” Please carefully consider the following fundamental characteristics of a command economy:

  • All politics become one party (a.k.a. an “autocracy”). All power rests with this party and with the state under a single dictator.
  • The state adopts the communist’s motto, made famous by Karl Marx in Critique of the Gotha Program: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”
  • The state replaces God in several ways. First, citizens depend on the state for their income. Second, the citizens become dependent on the government for every day needs (food, soap, healthcare, diapers, etc.), because the state decides who gets what and in what amount. Third, the state becomes the moral alpha and omega: it becomes a false god. The state decides what is or is no morally acceptable behavior, replacing all religious morals with human morals. Fourth, the state pushes its own ideology that becomes a new, supreme “religion.”
  • Freedom of religion does not exist at all under socialism. Citizens that do not embrace humanistic atheism or, if the state has a specific choice for official religion, citizens who do not embrace the state’s official religion may “worship” what they please, but must do so in the privacy of their own home. Public religious expressions/practices and teaching others about one’s faith is typically strictly prohibited.
  • Personal liberties become extremely restricted.
  • There is no choice of profession in command economies. Beginning at a very young age, children are tested and a streamlining system allocates people into designated industries. For example, Spanish students who, based on tests and academic performance, have been slotted to enter universities after high school must take a university entrance exam. Based on the results of this exam, each student is assigned a degree to pursue.
  • Family autonomy is diminished or abolished. Children must attend public schools so that the state can indoctrinate all citizens and, thus, have control of the future and power over the masses.

“Whoever captures the kids owns the future.”

~ Patricia Nell Warren

  • Private property is abolished and people are allocated residences by the state.
  • Modes/methods of production are owned by the state (thus, in theory, are owned by the community/taxpayers).
  • All profit (wealth) is distributed to all citizens. (wealth redistribution)
  • The state decides/plans the allocation of resources (food, toilet paper, etc.), as well as what products and services will be provided to the citizens.
  • The state’s economy is centrally planned and managed by appointed employees of the state.
  • Production managing employees operate under party-appointed economic planners. These planners set all prices and frequently interfere with production to meet (satisfy) personal or party desires.
  • Resource supplies are not decided based on the needs of the consumers (demand), but on what was preplanned years in advance. The state creates 1 year, 5 year, 10 year, or, in the case of China, even 25 year economic plans. If the state estimates that the state’s school children population will need X amount of notebook paper in 2017, then that is it. The state tells the notebook paper manufacturers to produce that designated amount of notebook paper and then stop (no extras). Manufacturers are not given the freedom to increase costs to produce more notebook paper if, in 2017, more notebook paper is needed. (…or food, or shampoo, or clothing, or toilet paper, or baby formula, etc.)
  • Instead of simply going to the store to purchase goods when you need to buy them, you are allocated an amount of goods and services by the state. This is called rationing.
  • Operating under long-term economic plans – outside of the laws of basic economics, with little regard to the actual costs of production – state economies are inflexible and, in times of recessions, are unable to rebound quickly causing extended, deep economic recessions and often complete economic collapse.
  • Without capitalist market competition, command economies are not cost or supply efficient. (They’re wasteful of money and of resources: they fail to plan ahead and do not save money or resources in case of hard times ahead.)
  • The controlling party desires to retain power and thus community (taxpayer) resources (funds) are diverted into the military and police.
  • Due to the state’s inefficiency and desire to retain power (last 2 bullet points), consumer resource shortages occur. (medicine, food, electricity, water, gasoline, etc.) *THIS is why so many people starve to death under communism. Right now, in Venezuela, citizens have resorted to eating their own pets for sustenance, as well as animals in local zoos.


Romania’s capitalist economy was once so successful that it was even referred to as “Le Petit Paris.” All of that ended on August 15, 1947, “when Vasile Luca, the Communist Party’s Politburo member in charge of Romania’s economy, suddenly and without warning converted the country’s venerable old currency, called the leu, into a new socialist leu. Each Romanian, regardless of how much money he had owned, now received just the same small amount of the new currency. From one day to the next, there were no longer any capitalists in Romania, which on December 30, 1947, was declared a socialist country (Pacepa & Rychlak, 2016). Thirty years later, “Romania – once the second largest oil producer in Europe – had rationed gasoline, the temperature in public places during the winter was limited to 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and all shops were required to close at 5:30 p.m. to save energy. Life in Ceausescu’s Romania became so unbearable that – according to UN statistics – the country had come to lead the world in the rate of suicides” (Pacepa & Rychlak, 2016). Ceausescu was executed in 1989 for genocide.

How old will you be in 30 years, or 20 years, or 10 years? Is it your wish to be among a new statistic – just another casualty of the new, communist America?

  • Eventually, the communist state runs out of money, as it uses up all the wealth of its citizens. The wealthy citizens either flee the state or quickly lose their wealth to the state. Under socialism, the means by which wealthy citizens attained their wealth are eliminated, thus new wealth is unable to be produced.
  • Strict gun and ammunition control and/or bans are almost immediately instituted in command economies (whether comprehensively or in small and gradual regulatory bits), always under the guise of improving safety. In reality, the citizenry is disarmed to prevent government overthrow and to retain absolute political power.
  • Despite the purpose of communism being to serve and to meet the needs of the “proletariat (a.k.a. worker), communist governments, thanks to the centralization of power (in contrast to America’s divisions of power) – time and time and time and time and time again – become repressive regimes which aggrandize their own power and exploit the masses on a scale that far surpasses any capitalist states ever in existence.
  • Attempts to create communism have ended up in the creation of state-driven, authoritarian economies and regimes. The only ones who benefit from communism are single-party political elites who are not accountable to the people.

Does this system exemplify your values? Is this what you envision for the future of your country, yourself, your children?


Socialism has to be international. It’s impossible to create socialism in one country, surrounded by a world capitalist market.” 




~ Slavoj Zizek (Modern Communist)



“In 1966, sociologists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven called for the overloading of the U.S. welfare system to force the potential collapse of our Democratic Republic government and end poverty by the government ‘guaranteeing an annual income for all Americans.’ [universal basic income, UBI] This is communism – a godless human government where the state is the ultimate entity to be worshiped and obeyed…”

“Cloward-Piven believed in forcing political change through orchestrated crisis and not surprisingly, they were both members of the Democratic Socialists of America.” ~Pastor Saiko Woods

Jump to October 2016:

President Obama has now begun bringing the subject of a UBI into the conversation, encouraging its creation by insinuating that a UBI would be the best response to the coming crisis of artificial intelligence.

President Obama’s healthcare plan has been successful too. Having almost collapsed the healthcare market ( a “crisis!” ), there is a bigger and bigger push to adopt a “single-payer” system of “universal healthcare.” We are told to close our eyes and not look at the financially drowning healthcare in Great Britain, where rationing has begun, or any other such cases of failed central planning.


Karl Marx laid out 10 ways of transforming developed, capitalist nations into communist states: the Ten Planks of Communism (Communist Manifesto, 1848):

(Note: All must be implemented through either governmental force, government regulations or legislation, or a violent, citizen revolution.)

  • Abolish all private property and apply all rents of land to public use. (*Note: According to Marx, the abolition of private property also serves to abolish the family.)
  • Implement a heavily progressive income tax structure.
  • Abolish all inheritance. (*Note: This is also aimed at dismantling the family and eliminating private property.)
  • Confiscate the property of all immigrants and all political dissenters.
  • Create a state monopoly on capital (money/funds) by centralizing all credit into a national bank controlled by the state.
  • Centralize control over and operations of communication and transportation into the hands of the state.
  • Create and extend state owned factories and modes of production. Cultivate wastelands and improve soil quality so that it can be used.
  • Establish a requirement that all citizens must work. Institute industrial, citizen armies, especially for agricultural labor.
  • Gain state control over and combine the agricultural and manufacturing industries. Gradually abolish all distinctions between city and country. Then, distribute the citizen population equally across the country.
  • Require all children attend free, government-run, public schools. Combine education with industrial production, etc.



We are now ready to examine the platform of the Movement for Black Lives (focusing on the communist intentions therein). I will list each stated platform demand and then briefly present several of the specific suggestions offered for each. The below information can be found on the group’s website.

Each stated demand is implicitly founded on an exaggerated sense of victimhood. Inflammatory language, utilized in the demands below, is a literary trick upon the mind, a betrayal upon the mind of the readers, so that hurt and emotion will override any typically rational person. Victimhood is the precise goal of these agitators: to continually victimize the black community whom they wish to exploit. They are wolves among sheep. Anger and hatred towards other groups or institutions can cause good people to suspend their sense of morality and, thus, are vital to instigating violence against others.


***(I chose to present this specific demand first, as it demonstrates the group’s and its supporting organizations’ grotesque and widespread distorted idea of reality in regards to the laws of economics and their gross overestimation of the actual amount of wealth in America and in the world, as well as their deeply held commitment to bringing about American and global communism.)

A) “Full and free access for all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people) to lifetime education including: free access and open admissions to public community colleges and universities, technical education (technology trade and agriculture), educational support programs, retroactive forgiveness of student loans, and support for lifetime learning programs” — Government, taxpayer funding to “cover all living costs, including but not limited to housing, transportation, childcare, healthcare, and food for students.” Government must “provide full access to all undocumented people.” Pass a bill through congress that would give “undocumented people” state and federal money to provide for and “to cover all tuition, fees, and living costs.” The President should “issue an executive order abolishing all” student debt.

Here’s the math based on the latest statistics:

  • According to Forbes as of March 1, 2016, the combined wealth of all the billionaires in the whole wide world is $6.48 trillion (US dollars). *Keep this number in mind
  • 41,470,000 black Americans + 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in the US = 52,470,000
  • 2015-2016 Average Tuition Cost for 1 Year at a Public University for 1 Person = $9,410
  • 2015-2016 Avery Cost for 1 Year of “Room and Board” at a Public University for 1 Person = $8,887

*Note: The “Room and Board” cost does NOT include all of the other “living expenses” that the Movement for Black Lives is demanding. (I did not include healthcare, food, transportation, childcare, etc…)

  • Add together 1 Year of Tuition for 1 Person with 1 Year Room and Board for 1 Person:

$9,410 + $8,887 = $18,297

  • Multiply the 52,470,000 (the combined number of black Americans and illegal immigrants) by $18,297 (the combined cost for 1 single year of college tuition with room and board for the 2015-2016 school year)

52,470,000 X $18,296 = $960,043,590,000 (over $960 BILLION dollars – almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!)

  • Conclusion: It will cost the United States’ taxpayers almost 1 trillion dollars EVERY YEAR to provide college tuition and room and board for this one combined group alone (without even accounting for rises in cost for future years)!
  • Money left over from the world’s combined wealth from billionaires:

$6.48 trillion – $960,043,590,000 = $5,519,956,410,000

B) “A guaranteed minimum livable income for all Black people” — A “Universal Basic Income (UBI)” must be enacted to provide every single adult, in America and globally, with an income. This UBI does not “have any work requirements” of individuals to receive this income. This is one of the major planks of the new communist movement worldwide. Plus, “a pro-rated additional amount” of money should be given to all black Americans. The authors declare their disdain for capitalism, and use a familiar method (a smoke screen) for discrediting the American economy and her institutions by claiming that America is racist at her core. “America’s deep-rooted system of racial capitalism,” they say, drives “unequal economic outcome” which is, predictably, “structural racism.” For this reason, the American economy and the economy of all other capitalist countries must be replaced with socialism (Marxism/communism). “No other social or economic policy solution today would be of efficient scale to eradicate the profound and systemic economic inequities afflicting Black communities.” This would of course require raising income taxes, “taxes on public goods like air,” and defunding various other societal institutions, specifically “criminal justice institutions.” Of course, even if all of these efforts at capturing the revenue to provide a UBI were enacted, there would never be enough money to actually execute this plan without creating worldwide poverty and devastation.

Here’s the math: Since the Democratic Party is seeking $15 p/h minimum wage as being a “living wage”, I will use that number as a base starting point.

  • $15 p/hr multiplied by a 40 hour work week (considered full-time work)

15 X 40 = $600 Per Week Income for 1 Person

  • Multiply Weekly Income by the Number of Weeks in a Year

$600 X 52 = $31,200 Income for 1 Person for 1 Year

  • Multiply the one year income total by the number of black Americans

$31,200 X 41,470,000 = $1,293,864,000,000 (over 1 TRILLION dollars)

*Every single year, we would need over 1 TRILLION dollars just to provide a UBI to black Americans alone, excluding all other Americans and excluding all other people across the globe!

  • So now let’s start subtracting from our original world billionaire number:

$6,480,000,000,000 – $960,043,590,000 (tuition, room and board) = $5,519,956,410,000

$5,519,956,410,000 – $1,293,864,000,000 (UBI for black Americans ONLY)  = $4.226,092,214,000

  • What if we institute a UBI for all Americans? (excluding all other people in the world) Multiply the total number of American Citizens by $31,200 Income Per 1 Year

324,819,452 X 31,200 = $10,134,366,902,400

  • Let’s do the math:
  • $6,480,000,000,000 – $960,043,590,000 (tuition, room and board for black Americans and illegal immigrants) = $5,519,956,410,000

$5,519,956,410,000 – 10,134,366,902,400 =

-$4,614,410,492,400  (NEGATIVE 4.6 TRILLION DOLLARS)

  • Conclusion: There is literally not enough money in the world to support the socialist desires extolled by the Movement for Black Lives and their cohorts!


With the UBI not having a work requirement, do we want to establish a precedent where people receive money for doing nothing?

John in Chapter 6 records the miracle of Jesus “Feeding of the Five Thousand.” What many don’t recall are the events that took place afterward…

Instantly, thousands of people followed Jesus, because they were seeking free food. Jesus recognized this and said to the people, “…you seek Me, not because you saw the signs, but because you ate the loaves and were filled.” He went on to emphasize the importance of seeking spiritual food.

But…but… the people continued, “Our fathers ate the manna in the desert; as it is written, ‘He gave them bread from heaven to eat.’  ”

Now, instead of proving more free food for the thousands of people, Jesus taught them that he is “the bread of life.” This did not please his followers. They left Jesus and sought him no longer.

“From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with him no more.”

JESUS understands what socialists do not. Dependency deludes people about where their sustenance really comes from (it come from God). It also dehumanizes and demotivates us. *It was in this moment with the masses that Christ actually performed another miracle for the people, one of true compassion: He sent them away.


The remainder of the Movement for Black Lives’ demands listed below follow the same unrealistic, money-driven pattern that has historically led to the financial collapse of countries around the globe. In addition, several of the demands actually increase the risk of violence in the community.


  • “A progressive restructuring of tax codes” to achieve “radical” “redistribution of wealth” — increase income tax to 80%, tax all citizens’ investment growth (capital gains), increase estate tax (inheritance tax, “death tax”), impose a wealth tax on tangible assets (home, car, land, tools, etc.), tax undesirable activities, employ tax sharing between localities, tax personal property and all other local taxes based on an individual’s income amount, increase property taxes for home and businesses based on the assessed value of the property (example: “Mansion tax”)
  • “Government job programs,” and monetary, government provided “compensation(income) for those in the care economy” (the “care economy” means stay-at-home moms, etc.). “Job programs must provide a living wage…”
  • “A right to restored land” and the “end to the exploitative privatization of natural resources,” plus “democratic control” (government control) over the way that resources are “distributed” — institute “fair development” laws on publicly and privately owned and used land to ensure the “equitable distribution of the benefits of development” to the entire community, “which takes precedence over market imperatives”
  • Use “government directed resources” (government money) develop a “cooperative… social economy,” and use tax money to “facilitate trade across and in black communities globally”


  • “An end to the criminalization of Black political activity” and the “immediate release of all political prisoners,” and remove all “freedom fighters” from the “International Terrorists list” —- End all investigations into militant black activists and activist activity. Remove Assata Shakur from the International Terrorists list (cop killer and radical socialist from the “Black Liberation Army,” currently resides in Cuba). Release “activists and freedom fighters” Imam Jamil Al Amin (a.k.a. H Rap Brown: cop killer, encourages arson and promotes violence as being “as American as apple pie”); Kamau Sadiki (radical socialist, cop killer and bomber associated with the Black Panther Party); the “San Francisco 8” (radical socialists and cop killers associated with the Black Panther Party).

Do we want our society’s role models to be violent murderers?

  • “Public financing of elections” (taxpayer funding of elections); lower the standards for “candidates” to run for public office, and elect more “low-income” people to public office

Do we want unqualified people making major decisions effecting our lives?

  • “The right to vote for all people” — Allow illegal aliens, convicted felons, and currently incarcerated criminals to vote in elections to “expand the pool of eligible voters.”


  • End “criminalization and dehumanization of Black youth” which “includes an end to zero-tolerance school policies and arrests of students, the removal of police from schools, and the reallocation of funds from police and punitive school discipline practices to restorative services.” — Redefine “youth” being “children under the age of 23. “Ban all” criminal “prosecution of children under the age of 23.” Address “state-sanctioned violence that stems from over-policed schools.” Institute racial quotas for “school discipline policies.” Pass laws that ban all school “exclusionary discipline (suspensions, expulsions, and arrests).” Use tax funds “for fully funding restorative programs.” Institute local “campaigns that target police.”
  • “An end to all deportations, immigrant detention, and Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) raids” — Immigrants with “criminal contact” (criminal records) should no longer be subject to “detention and deportation.” A moratorium on all deportations should be enacted. Pass a legislative bill that fully “prohibits state and local law enforcement” from “collaborating with ICE.” “Pass a ‘Sanctuary’ bill that prohibits ICE from making any arrests for criminal activity on “state-owned property.”
  • “End the war on Black trans, queer, and gender nonconforming people” via legislation. — Provide “real, meaningful, and equitable universal health care.” — End all “public jails, detention centers, youth facilities and prisons.” Pass a bill that expands health care to all U.S. residents,” and prohibit any “exclusions of procedures trans people need” (sex-reassignment surgery and hormone therapy). Pass a bill that allows anyone to change his/her “gender identity on official documents without judge or doctor approval.”
  • “An end to the mass surveillance of Black communities” including a ban on the use of various technologies, such as police “body cameras.” — Enact federal and state legislation which requires a court warrant before any surveillance technology can be put into place and into use by localities, including street cameras, license plate readers, domestic drones, stingray cell phone interceptors and other technologies deployed in public spaces.” Pass federal and state legislation that “allows an individual to know when their information has been tracked.” Institute “total prohibition on the acquisition of any new surveillance technology or development of surveillance program.” Enact an “immediate abolition of any and all use of surveillance technology and programs.” All agencies must immediately inform “individuals and organizations” of past and present surveillance “who have been targeted.” Tax payer provided “full reparations” to all “individuals and organizations” who have been monitored. Federal agencies must “stop providing grants for the purchase of surveillance technologies to local police departments.” Localities must enact policies which require “a community input process prior to purchasing any technology or software that will be used for policing and ‘counter-terrorism’”


  • “An end to the privatization of education” — “Place a moratorium on charter schools” and “force the federal government” to pay for “a bigger chunk than they already do.” “Put a moratorium on all out-of-school suspensions. Shut down all juvenile detention centers. Remove police from schools…” Eliminate all debt of black municipalities.
  • Direct participation in “budgeting at the local, state, and federal level.” — Transform public revenue to ensure “economic justice.” “Shift existing federal funding toward participatory human rights budgeting” including “housing subsidies” and “health funding” that “prioritizes the needs of the most marginalized” communities. “Control over local resources should also be seen as a form of reparations.” The primary focus for public budgets and public funding must be “on the Black communities.”



(In “Prison Notebooks,” Antonio Gramsci of Italy writes that a new “proletariat” be created comprised of criminals and racial minorities. For decades, Marxist theorists have written extensively about encouraging the exploitation of minorities with criminal histories, broken homes and poor educations. Without an army made of angry, ignorant and morally dubious people who lack self-control and can be easily manipulated – the type of people one is most likely to find amongst the prison population (in any country) – then the dream of a violent revolution will not come to fruition. As always, communist adherents are happy to exploit minorities to further their cause.)

  • “A reallocation of funds at the federal, state and local level” — Congress should end “mandated support” (federal funding) of all prisons and police departments. Focus on reallocating funds so that specific groups, including LGBTQ and trans people, “could be prioritized for funding.”
  • “The retroactive decriminalization, immediate release and record expungement of all drug related offenses…” and “reparations for the devastating impact of ‘the war on drugs.’” — “Ensure that individuals who use, possess, or sell drugs or trade sex are not subject to arrest, detention or conviction,” and provide so that past offenders can now participate in legal drug markets. Create a requirement that all monetary saving from ending such “criminalization” should then be “invested into reparations to all people who have been adversely impacted by the drug war and enforcement of prostitution laws.” In addition, monetary saving must also go to providing government funded “addiction support treatment.” The government should immediately “repeal portions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act” which list drug felonies as a cause for deportation.
  • “Equitable universal health care” that will guarantee government, taxpayer funding for, among other things, abortions, “paid parental leave,” and gender transition services and procedures. — End the United States’ current “patriarchal racialized capitalist system” (and replace it with socialism) that enables the existence of “culturally incompetent physicians.” “Pass a bill to expand public health care to all U.S. residents and mandate that the wealthy residents pay for a portion of their services while low-income and working class folks receive free services.”
  • “A constitutional right” to “fully-funded education” — “Enhance the role of the national government.” Establish a funding requirement to provide “a social worker for every 40 students, free health care services” (including abortion and gender transition services), dental care, food, and “free daycare,” among other things.
  • “A divestment from industrial multinational use of fossil fuels” — Invest in clean energy and invest in creating a cooperative “food hub” to “pool food produced from local farmers.” Shift resources to “a more democratic” economy whereas money can be redistributed, “particularly in Black communities.” Reduce military expenditures in the use of fossil fuels.
  • A “reallocation” of military funds toward “community well-being” — Weaken America’s “empire” and “power.” “Build invest/divest campaigns that ends the US aid to Israel’s military industrial complex.” Make a “commitment to a green economy” that deeply understands “the threat of climate change.” “Expand American public transportation.” “End the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”


Unlike the fallacious claims of “embedded racism” against America, Marxism is ripe and heavy with racism that frequently and historically manifests itself in the form of anti-Semitism.

“Long before we had the word Holocaust, we had the Russian word pogrom, meaning massacre. Russia’s first pogrom against the Jews took place in 1881 in Yelisavetgrad” (Pacepa & Rychlak, 2016). At that time, “the local administration called for the people’s wrath to be vented on the Jews, and the impoverished peasants obliged. A wave of killings, rapes, and the pillaging of Jews spread quickly to hundreds of other towns. It soon reached Warsaw and from there, on to the rest of the Russian Empire” (Pacepa & Rychlak, 2016).

Count Nikolay Ignatyev, the Russian minister of the interior, blamed the Jews themselves for the massacre, saying “The passion for acquisition and money-grabbing is inherent in the Jew from the day of his birth; it is characteristic of the Semitic race, manifest from almost the first page of the Bible.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? (Hitler)

“The anti-Semitic ideas were soon embodied in a document titled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which was supposedly the recorded meeting minutes of the first Zionist Congress showing the Jews’ plot to take over the world. Instead, a Russian dezinformatsiya (disinformation) member of the Okhrana (secret police) had simply plagiarized a French document call the “Joly book,” substituting the words “the world” for “France” and “the Jews” for “Napolean III.” The Times of London even published a scathing article exposing the fraud in a 1921 expose.



As evidenced a by the above demands, the new communists are exactly like the old: they view the world through the lens of their own preoccupation with money and material things. There is no emphasis on what is best for one’s soul. There is no consideration for one’s emotional and spiritual needs. This is why communism/socialism is oft referred to as the gospel of envy, selfishness, and lies. The biggest trick of deception that Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives has played on us was to make us think that they actually cared about black lives. As all of the evidence shows, the single goal has always been to further their socialist cause. It’s a punch in the gut for many of us.

For our friends who have already devoted themselves to this false god, there is little chance you or I can change their minds. We can, however, pray for them by ask God to change their hearts and minds.

“The religion of socialism is a faith utterly impervious to facts and logic. Socialist failure is irrelevant, because only intentions count when you’re on the side of the angels. No amount of evidence can pierce the force fields that surround the socialist mind. These people insist they are enlightened, but they are invincibly ignorant.”

~ Matthew Vadum, 2015

It has been my intention to bring awareness to God’s children and to address the reality of these groups, as disheartening as it may be. Wisdom is a gift. It is a chance to free yourself from Satan’s deceptive grasp. I hope that you – even as you may be shocked and disappointed – will find this information liberating.

Only through Christ’s truth is mankind able to be free.

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The Roots Pt. 3: BLM & the Movement for Black Lives


Project 2, Post 7 —  The Roots Pt. 3: BLM & the Movement for Black Lives

Artistic Process: After preparing my canvas (as described in the 1st two posts in this series) I slightly watered down a light gray paint. Using a medium paintbrush, I slung the paint at the second, splash-board canvas and allowed the paint to splash back into my painting. All in all, it did not work as I had intended… Hmmm. I ended up simply slinging the paint directly onto my picture. Afterwards, I pulled up the tape dividing my canvas. As you can see, there is a clear line where the gray paint stopped. This part was successful. Next, I’ll add color in a similar way to the opposite side of my canvas.

If you have not yet read the two previous posts, please do so before continuing… You can find the 1st post HERE and the 2nd post HERE. (Click HERE for part 4)

You and I can say that black lives matter. However, we must be careful not to endorse organizations behind such movements without actually understanding those organizations’ true goals and intentions. We must be sure our values are represented, not undermined.

In my last two posts I have discussed the death of a friend’s grandson which was caused by police officers, the #BLM’s true intentions for the ultimate fate of families which is against God’s plan, the BLM’s exploitation of the deaths of black men to further communism while giving little to no actual consideration to black men or to police brutality on their official website, and the communist allegiances of the BLM leaders, as well as the communist groups funding the BLM movement. *In this post I will examine the reasons many of my black brothers and sisters in Christ fall prey to such groups and to others whose true motives are the implementation of a Marxist utopia… an anti-Christian, global state.



Marx and Engels wrote extensively about their disdain for capitalism and about their ideal communist state. However, through all of their condemnation and theorizing, Marx and Engels really didn’t give very much thought or consideration to how a communist economy/culture would actually work and economically last. For these answers all you and I have to do is open a history book.

Communism/Socialism, when put into practice, has a long, gruesome, and repetitive history complete with millions upon millions of human casualties in the 20th century alone:

  • The People’s Republic of China body count: 73,237,000 human casualties
  • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics body count: 58,627,000 human casualties
  • Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic body count: 3,284,000 human casualties
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea body count: 3,163,000 human casualties
  • Cambodia body count: 2,627,000 human casualties
  • Democratic Republic of Afghanistan body count: 1,750,000 human casualties
  • Vietnam body count: 1,670,000 human casualties
  • People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia body count: 1,343,610 human casualties
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia body count: 1,072,000 human casualties
  • Chinese Soviet Republic body count: 700,000 human casualties
  • People’s Republic of Mozambique body count: 700,000 human casualties
  • Socialist Republic of Romania body count: 435,000 human casualties
  • People’s Republic of Bulgaria body count: 222,000 human casualties
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
  • Etc


With such an extensive and horrific history, why then do so many people find communism appealing? More to the point, why are groups like Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives working to transform the US into a communist state?

“A worldview recently the source of immense suffering and misery, and responsible for more deaths than fascism and Nazism, is mounting a comeback; a new form of left-wing totalitarianism that enjoys intellectual celebrity but aspires to political power.”

~ Alan Johnson, World Affairs journal

People embrace Communism for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that socialism (communism/Marxism) sounds wonderful! It really does! It is an ideology of a perfect world; a cause that sounds worthy of one’s devotion and energy. Because it sounds wonderful, many people fall into its trappings – promises for a life better than their own present circumstances. These people can be categorized as follows:

  • Elites (few in number): These are rich, ideological individuals who are working to manipulate events to further the communist goal of a centrally planned economy. They implement systematic indoctrination of the masses in order to overthrow the current economy and government structure so that it can be replaced by a “command system” (communism).
  • Followers and Conformists (large in number): These individuals trust and believe their liberal professors, as well as what bureaucrats, opportunists, and unknowledgeable peers tell them. They are misinformed and misled.
  • Opportunists (large in number): These individuals see the possibility for their own personal gain (power & money) in going along with fads and perpetuating myths. These are businesses, politicians, etc. They assist in the indoctrination of the masses (exploitation) for personal gain.
  • Fearful and Insecure (large in number): These individuals worry and may feel overwhelmed in life. They see safety in the possibility of having a government that can meet all of their economic needs and, thus, take care of them and ease their worries. This group of people is especially susceptible to falling prey to the indoctrinators.


To understand Marxism’s human appeal, we must first know what Marx’s ideological economic plan is. Communism (command economy) is, theoretically, a commune-style, community owned operation without capital (forms of money). Humans are treated equally, with a requirement of all to work. All resources and products are then distributed equally to all citizens, ensuring a class-free standard of living. All-in-all, it sounds wonderful: no class struggle, no inequality, the government supplying citizens with healthcare, education, living expenses, childcare, etc., with no unnecessary competition or antagonisms, etc. However, this theory is just a fantasy, because we’ve just left out one whole half of the complete equation. The majority of “indoctrinates” are either not privy to the specifics, or, they simply ignore the specifics of Marx’s economic plan since reality is far less desirable than fantasy. In reality, we must consider both the positives and negatives. We can’t simply live our lives ignoring half of the plan – half of reality.

So, let’s take a more complete look at communism in actual practice: (*Note, the below is a brief representation. A more complete look will follow in my 4th and last post.)

  • All politics become one party (a.k.a. an “autocracy”). All power rests with this party and with the state under a single dictator.
  • Modes/methods of production are owned by the state (thus, in theory, are owned by the community/taxpayers).
  • All profit (wealth) is distributed to all citizens. (wealth redistribution)
  • The state decides/plans the allocation of resources (food, toilet paper, etc.), as well as what products and services will be provided to the citizens.
  • The state’s economy is centrally planned and managed by appointed employees of the state.
  • Production managing employees operate under party-appointed economic planners. These planners set all prices and frequently interfere with production to meet (satisfy) personal or party desires.
  • Resource supplies are not decided based on the needs of the consumers (demand), but on what was preplanned months, sometimes years in advance. If the state estimates that the state’s school children population will need X amount of notebook paper in 2017, then that is it. The state tells the notebook paper manufacturers to produce that designated amount of notebook paper and then stop (no extras). Manufacturers are not given the freedom to increase costs to produce more notebook paper if, in 2017, more notebook paper is needed. (…or food, or shampoo, or clothing, or toilet paper, or baby formula, etc.)
  • Without capitalist market competition, command economies are not cost or supply efficient. (They’re wasteful of money and of resources: they fail to plan ahead and do not save money or resources in case of hard times ahead.)
  • The controlling party desires to retain power and thus community (taxpayer) resources (funds) are diverted into the military and police.
  • Due to the state’s inefficiency and desire to retain power (last 2 bullet points), consumer resource shortages occur. (food, electricity, water, gasoline, etc.)*THIS is why so many people starve to death under communism.
  • Despite the purpose of communism being to serve and to meet the needs of the “proletariat (a.k.a. worker), communist governments, thanks to the centralization of power (in contrast to America’s divisions of power), communist regimes – time and time and time and time and time again – become repressive regimes which aggrandize their own power and exploit the masses on a scale that far surpasses any capitalists ever in existence.


 “Watch out for false teachers. They come to you dressed as if they were sheep. On the inside they are hungry wolves.”

~ Jesus, the Book of Matthew, 7:15

My black brothers and sisters in Christ are especially susceptible. Unbeknownst to most, there has been a powerful and influential wolf living within the sheep…


(First, a look back…) Many Jews anticipated the coming of the Messiah. Their anticipatory idealization of Christ rested on and reflected the Jew’s own history and experiences in being oft oppressed peoples. By the time of the birth of the “King of the Jews,” God’s people expected Jesus to come storming into Jerusalem, conquer the Romans with a righteous sword, and ultimately bring the Jewish people back into political control of their land, establishing infinite peace. Because many religious leaders of the time had bolstered Christ’s conqueror image from prophecy, failing to teach the prophecies that depicted Christ as also being a sufferer, many Jews were disappointed and did not believe in Christ, the Messiah. Instead, they rejected him.

Feeling angry and frustrated with both his current circumstances as a black man in the mid-20th century and also with Christ for, as he believed it, not doing enough for black Americans, James Cone founded a new “Christianity” known as Black Liberation Theology.  Just like many of the Jews who lived during Jesus’s physical years spent on Earth, James Cone rejected Jesus for not embodying the “idea” that Cone alone had envisioned and had wanted Christ to be. In effort to cope with this contradiction, Cone created Black Liberation Theology which narrowly interprets the New Testament to focus singularly on alleviating black oppression, with the goal of a black revolution to overthrow and destroy “the white devil in us.” Cone went even further, actually re-creating God and Christ, manifesting the idea that any god who is not aligned with Cone’s new philosophy/theology must be “killed.” Writing book after book after book, James Cone’s ideas successfully infiltrated the masses. Little by little, James H. Cone’s new religion blossomed and was ultimately adopted by a minority, but still growing number of black, Christian churches. The resulting false “religion” created by James Cone has become a thorn in the sides of many black pastors as they seek to preach the truth.

“Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against White people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him.”

~ James Cone


“If you love those who love you, what pay can you expect from that? Do not even the tax collectors do that? If you say hello only to the people you like, are you doing any more than the others? The people who do not know God do that much. You must be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

~ Jesus, the Book of Matthew, 5:46-48

Black Liberation Theology “is the adoption of victimhood as the core of one’s identity” which “distorts the reality of true progress” (Bradley, 2008). “The remnants of discrimination hold an obsessive, indignant fascination that allows only passing acknowledgement of any signs of progress” (McWhorter, 2000). John McWhorter (a black academic, professor, commentator, author and critic) has written about the dangers of embracing this type of victimhood. In his book, Losing the Race, he articulates three major downsides of victimology. First, it condones weakness in failure. Second, it hampers progress from the outset, because victimology only focuses on obstacles. Third, it actually keeps racism alive, because it repeatedly paints whites as racists without providing any evidence to support such claims. “Racism charges create a context for backlash and resentment fueling new attitudes among whites not previously held or articulated, and creates ‘separatism’ – a  suspension of moral judgment in the name of racial solidarity” (Bradley, 2008).

“The task of Black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community… Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. …Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.”

~James Cone


“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

~ 1 Samuel, 16:7

Enter MARXISM. (Communism/socialism)

James H. Cone, in For My People, declares that “the Christian faith does not possess in its nature the means for analyzing the structure of capitalism. Marxism as a tool of social analysis can disclose the gap…” Cone sees Karl Marx’s thought as useful, because it provides black liberation theologians with a method of critiquing racism in terms of victimhood, power, and revolution. Thus, it is no coincidence that one may often hear sermons from the pulpit which emphasize “wealth redistribution” (a.k.a. “mal-distribution,” “economic parity,” “economic justice/equality”) and which condemn capitalism – foundations of Karl Marx’s Communism. In his essay, “Black Theology and Marxist Thought,” Cornel West (another black liberation theologian) offered a call for integration of Marxism and Black Liberation Theology. West calls for “a serious dialogue between Black theologians and Marxist thinkers” for the purposes of “mutually arrived-at political action.” The result of the unholy marriage between Black Liberation Theology and Marxism is millions of Americans embracing victimhood as a key part of their identity, focusing perpetually on obstacles rather than on progress and on forgiveness, and experiencing large-scale brainwashing/indoctrination into communism. It is heresy!

And, let me not go any further without stating that Black Liberation Theology is, unequivocally, racist. It teaches hate, not love. It teaches vengeance, not forgiveness. It wounds its followers, not heal them.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord’ will go into the holy nation of heaven. The one who does the things My Father in heaven wants him to do will go into the holy nation of heaven. Many people will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not preach in Your Name? Did we not put out many demons in Your Name? Did we not do many powerful works in Your Name?’ Then I will say to them in plain words, ‘I never knew you. Go away from Me, you who do wrong!’”

~ Jesus, the Book of Matthew, 7:21-23


“These people show respect to Me with their mouth, but their heart is far from Me. Their worship of Me is worth nothing. They teach what men have made up.”

~ Isaiah 29:13, as recounted by Jesus in Matthew 15:8-9

It is very difficult for people to fight off spiritual, outside attacks. It is even harder for people to withstand spiritual attacks with within their own community, their own trusted, inner circle. Thus, many have fallen prey to the false teaching of James H. Cone, Cornel West, and other Black Liberation theologians. The hate and the victimhood are absorbed into one’s own heart… almost guaranteeing a dreadful future fate for one’s own soul.

One might say, “They drank the cool-aide.”

It is the eternal resting place of one’s soul that has led me to bring this issue into light. While it may not be a popular stance, it is the right stance. I hold the black community so truly dear to my heart that I would rather risk being the recipient of criticism, hate mail, etc., than to sit idly and silently by and allow my brothers and sisters in Christ be taken advantage of.

Leaders of BLM and the Movement for Black Lives have been influenced (indoctrinated) into the religion-like cult of the new communism, and thus all their daily works must further that singular goal. It’s not that these people was bad things… They genuinely believe in the cause. However, it is yet another example of the blind leading the blind.

Remember, we (Christians) are not of this world. We are of the heavens: We are God’s chosen ones. Do not be fooled by the wolf in sheep’s clothing, but instead seek the light of truth, even when it is risky to do so…

“Every plant that My father in heaven did not plant will be pulled up by the roots. Let them alone. They are blind. If one bling man leads another blind man, they will both fall into a hole.”

~ Jesus, the Book of Matthew, 15:13-14


*My next post (the last in the series) will cover the specific details of the BLM’s and the Movement for Black Lives’s demands.


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The Roots Pt. 2: #BLM & the Movement for Black Lives


Project 2, Post 6 – The Roots Part 2: #BLM and the Movement for Black Lives

Artistic Process:

As mentioned in my last post, I wanted to create an art piece full of movement, as inspired by my dream. After taping off part of my canvas as described in my last post, I pondered how I could actually create that movement. As I am always experimenting, I devised a plan. Using a second canvas, still wrapped in protective plastic, and a kitchen chair, I tried to create something of a backboard/bounce board. My goal for this design was to sling paint at the second, plastic-wrapped canvas in hopes of causing a backsplash to splatter out and onto my painted canvas below.

For those of us who truly believe that black lives do matter, the hidden goals and alliances of Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives are a devastating blow to our hopes and our values.

This is the 2nd installment of an in-depth series investigation into the roots and intentions of the “Black Lives Matter” group and the “Movement for Black Lives.” *If you have not read part one, please do so. Part one is important for understanding both my own motives for investigating these organizations, as well as for gaining full realization of the two groups discussed herein and their founding philosophy, along with fully understanding this international ideology. (You can read part 3 here.) (You can read part 4 here.)

In my last post I focused our attention to the issue of the family (#2), after I listed several declarations regarding Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives; all of which are centered in Communism (Marxism/Socialism). Those declarations are listed below.

My research had presented clear evidence about the #Black Lives Matter org.:

  • While BLM has exploited the deaths of black men as martyrs for their cause, the group’s goals and principles listed on the website do not include any mention of black men other than those transgendered (men living as women)…
  • The official BLM organization clearly seeks to erode the God-given and God-designed family as evidenced by multiple BLM guiding principles (to be addressed below).
  • The Black Lives Matter organization is actually just a Marxism (communism) front organization, using heated and misleading language along with wildly erroneous claims to enrage the entire black race so that blacks can be further exploited for political gains.

After visiting the website for “The Movement for Black Lives,” I have concluded that it too is a Marxist front organization.



*In this post, I will present the biographical and financial evidence demonstrating the communist roots of Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black lives. For the purposes of length, I will wait until my next post to present evidence of Marxism found within the specific goals and principles of these two groups as the groups have so presented.

Note: There have been various civil rights/racial equality movements across the years; not all adhere to the same philosophy or share the same goals. MANY of these movements have been honorable and productive. Others should not garner that same respect. Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives are not only connected with one another, but they also promote the same philosophy: “Radical Black Liberation Movement” (RBLM) or Black Liberation movement (BLM) for short. As such, from this point on I will simply refer to the Black Lives Matter/Movement for Black Lives organizations by their shared philosophical identify: RBLM.



Almighty God always punishes those who serve communism (socialism), as this philosophy shatters the first two of the Ten Commandments. God is replaced by the state and by humanism. This ideology becomes its own theology, religion to those who then worship and glorify this man—made false god.

Eric Mann, the Weather Underground, & Patrisse Cullors:

In 1969, Eric Mann – a radical communist leader/member of the Weather Underground (a splinter group from the radical, Marxist group Students for a Democratic Society) – and 20-30 of his comrades led an attack on Harvard University, accosting a small group of students, employees, and faculty. The invaders defaced and vandalized property and physically assaulted multiple people, while shouting “…we are liberating this building!” Erica Mann was soon arrested and charged with five counts of assault and battery along with several other charges for property damage and for disturbing a public assembly.

Following the blueprint laid out by several Marxist intellectuals before him, Mann believed that inner city blacks were key to inciting a revolution and ultimately overthrowing the government. Mann has one problem: he is white. Mann knew he and other communists must target the black community to effectively bring forth a black leader to set off the Marxist revolutionary dream.

“It would take almost forty years for Mann to see his vision spring to life and catch fire. That’s when he would meet an angry black, lesbian teenager named Patrisse Cullors who goes on to co-found the Black Lives Matter movement” (Stranahan, 2016). In Cullors, Mann found a willing, enthusiastic protégé he then shaped in his own ideological image. This is not Patrisse Cullors’ only communist/socialist tie, and the other Black Lives Matter/Movement for Black Lives leaders have Marxist loyalties as well.

*To examine the founders’ communism loyalties we can follow the money.

The Funding Structure Blueprint:

A tangled web forms the funding apparatus of the RBLM. Before we can follow the money trail and social alliances therein, we must first understand the carefully orchestrated structure of this brilliant funding system. The funding structure blueprint calls for the creation of a formidable mass of humanity organizations in alliance with one another to create the impression that a movement has a far larger following than it actually does, that the movement is far more mainstream and popular with the masses than it actually is. Often, foreign governments, such as the Russians, are the creators and puppeteers of a large number of these groups/movements. Some organizations are large, but many of the organizations are, in reality, only a website or a Facebook page. Black Lives matter, as clearly acknowledged on its official website, is one example of an organization that is not a true philanthropic/humanitarian organization: instead, Black Lives Matter exists as a website alone (or “online forum” as its founders call it).


(lie, deceive, mislead, conceal)

By covertly creating, funding, and then concealing the entities and funding behind FRSO groups, as well as other communist-aligned front organizations, the Ninth Commandment has been obliterated. Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives lies to all Americans and sells the black community as slaves to the Marxist cause: global communism.

On the surface, each of these organizations advocates different causes. However, the organizations are, in reality, all covertly working together for one main goal that surpasses all others: to end capitalism by overthrowing capitalist societies in order to rebuild an international communist state. In doing so, this mass of allied organizations acts as well-oiled dezinformatsiya (disinformation) machine. Unlike true humanitarian/philanthropic organizations – such as Heifer International, World Vision, or even the Humane Society of the United States whose funding is put into actions which yield real-life results, truly improving the lives of those these organizations seek to help  – the organizations within the radical funding nexus are most often little more than special interest lobbying entities (community organizers).



There were more people in Socialist Russia (USSR) employed by the disinformation machine during the Cold War than were employed in the Russian defense industry and the Russian army combined! The Soviets (the KGB) created numerous communist front groups, officially located outside of Russia around the world and all pretending to be independent entities, to purposefully deceive the West (especially America) as well as its own Russian citizens. A few of these communist disinformation groups were: “the World Peace Council (with branches in 112 countries), the World Federation of Trade Unions (with branches in 90 countries), the Women’s International Democratic Federation (with branches in 129 countries), the International Union of Students (with branches in 152 countries), and the World Federation of Democratic Youth (with branches in 210 countries)” (Pacepa & Richlak, 2016). Many of these front groups still exist today.


Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO):

The co-founders of Black Lives Matter – Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi – all work for front groups for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. FRSO is compiled of and covered by dozens of groups, and Black Lives Matter is one of the FRSO’s many projects. All projects and groups, as Nelini Stamps proclaimed, “…are actually trying to change the capitalist system we have today..” Stamps works for the FRSO front organization ACORN (which has now been rebranded under a plethora of different names).

*Below is a list of Marxist FRSO front groups funding the Radical Black Liberation Movement (Black Lives Matter, the Movement for Black Lives, etc.). (You can find more details on these groups here.)

Alicia Garza:

  1. National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), Garza: Special Projects Director, NDWA donations collected: $6,120,896
  2. People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER), Garza: Executive Director, POWER donations collected: $3,173,210
  3. School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL), Garcia: Board Member, SOUL donations collected: $2,083,750
  4. Right to the City Alliance (RTTC), Garza: 2011 Board Chair, RTTC donations collected: $3,337,500

It’s not possible for a world to emerge where black lives matter if it’s under capitalism. And it’s not possible to abolish capitalism without a struggle against national oppression and gender oppression.”

~ Alicia Garza

Patrisse Cullors:

  1. Dignity and Power Now (DPN), Cullors: Founder and Director, DPN is underwritten by Community Partners

“We’ve made it very clear that this is not just a conversation around cis, hetero, black men…”

~ Patrisse Cullors

Opal Tometi:

  1. Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), Tometi: Executive Ditector, BAJI donations collected: $873,100

“…I would argue that the international community faces 3 core challenges to advancing human rights. Those are: global capitalism, white supremacy, and the suppression of democracy.”

~ Opal Tometi

Other Communist FRSO front groups Funding and Allianced with RBLM organizations: (funding estimates provided if available)

  1. Advancement Project (AP): $54,572,286
  2. Movement Strategy Center (MSC): 2013 revenue of $7.5 million
  3. Black Left Unity
  4. Black Workers for Justice
  5. Causa Justa/Just Cause: 2013 revenue of $1.6 million
  6. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ)
  7. Hands Up United
  8. Intelligent Mischief
  9. Organization for Black Struggle (OBS)
  10. Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC) — *known for their pro-abortion “Hail Satan” chant
  11. Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
  12. Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE): $22,745,894
  13. Soros Funds



The founders, the funders, and the cohorts in the Black Lives Matter movement and in the Movement for Black Lives hide their true intentions from us, deceive us. They pretend to speak for black people, yet not only are their goals a direct contradiction to true equality and liberation, but there are also millions of black Americans (and across the globe) who do not share this heretical ideology. The RBLMs have sold off black lives as slaves to be used as pawns by their Marxist god and masters.

But why?

*In my next post I will discuss another devious element driving the Marxist cult and why socialism is so alluring. In addition, I will discuss several of the demands presented by the Movement for Black Lives and how these demands are embedded with Karl Marx’s signature communist/socialist signature.

You can read part 3 here.

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The Roots Pt. 1: #BLM & the “Movement” for Black Lives


Project 2, Post 5 – The Roots Pt. 1: #BLM & the Movement For Black Lives

*This post is the first in an in-depth series. *It may literally change your life from this moment forward! Click HERE to read the second post in this series. Click HERE to read the third part in this series. Click HERE to read part 4 (conclusion) of this series.

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say that you did not know.”  – 

William Wilberforce


First, let me briefly go back in time –

A few years ago, a family friend lost her grandson who I’ll refer to as “Eddie.” He and a few friends had been pulled over and subsequently arrested by police. I do not have knowledge of the charge/crime for which they were arrested. In the process of being cuffed, an officer caused Eddie to suffer severe, internal head trauma. To spite Eddie’s friends voicing concern, Eddie was never given a medical evaluation or treatment while in police custody. Hours later – while still in police custody – Eddie died from his head trauma. Regardless of Eddie’s crime or behavior, he should have received medical attention. His death was a direct result of the actions of  police officers who refused to allow medical care for Eddie.

A few months ago, I went to the Black Lives Matter official website to learn more about “the movement.” Little did I know that this one simple act would set off a chain reaction of investigations on my part that would ultimately dominate the next few months of my life.

Back to the present –

A few days ago, I set out to add movement to my developing painting. I imagined a spattering of paint, two energies colliding against each other. To begin the process of adding movement to my painting I taped off half of my piece. I needed to ensure that paint would not be transferred to the entire canvas, but would instead remain only on a single side.

My mind wandered away from preparing to add movement to my artwork and I began to ponder “The Movement” instead.



God has blessed me with the spiritual gift of wisdom (discernment). I am able to see the difference between good and evil in our everyday lives more clearly than most. I can sense evil when it is among us. *What follows is the result of an in-depth examination and investigation into the “Black Lives Matter” and the “Movement For Black Lives” organizations.

I now ask that you take a walk with me into the world of activism and social theory, and allow the Holy Spirit’s wisdom to enter into your heart and your mind. As I discussed in my last post, Jesus told us exactly which door to walk through. Let us now go through the “narrow door” together…

“Go through the narrow door. The door is wide and the road is easy that leads to hell. Many people are going through that door. But the door is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life that lasts forever. Few people are finding it.”  

–  Matthew 7:13-14


Let us begin our journey with a prayer: Father in Heaven, we ask that your wisdom and grace come upon us. Open our eyes and open our hearts to receive your special message in this hour. Please use the messages in this post to speak to each of us, changing our hearts and illuminating the path of righteousness. Please God be with us on this journey into a topic that evokes such strong emotions in each of us. Please keep us focused on your will. Right now, above all precious Father, please show us the evil that has been hiding in plain sight for so long. Make us see! Remove the devil’s cloak of deception that has been hiding the truth from us. May it hide the truth no more. Finally, please walk right beside us, arm in arm, as we embark on this journey of knowledge and wisdom together. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

…And off we go!

The evidence has declared that…

As noted above, I went to the Black Lives Matter organization’s official website to learn more about the movement. I was shocked by what I read, to say the very least. Because of what I learned I have decided to take a clear stance against the Black Live Matter organization. This group’s evident anti-Christian, anti-freedom, anti-liberty, and pro-enslavement ideology – enslavement of the masses by the state – is a clear and present danger – it is an evil amongst us.

My research has presented clear evidence about the #Black Lives Matter org.:

  • 1. While BLM has exploited the deaths of black men as martyrs for their cause, the group’s goals and principles listed on the website do not include any mention of black men other than those transgendered (men living as women)…
  • 2. The official BLM organization clearly seeks to erode the God-given and God-designed family as evidenced by several BLM guiding principles (to be addressed below).
  • 3. The Black Lives Matter organization is actually just a Marxism (communism) front organization, using heated and misleading language along with wildly erroneous claims to enrage the entire black race so that blacks can be further exploited for political gains.

After visiting the website for “The Movement for Black Lives,”

  • 4. I have concluded that it too is a Marxist front organization.

I can’t put into words how disappointed I was to discover this!

“Listen to my strong words! See, I will pour out my spirit on you. It will make my words known to you.”  

–  Proverbs 1:23


“Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gets understanding. For it is better than getting silver and fine gold. She is worth more than precious stones. Nothing you can wish for compares with her. Long life is in her right hand. Riches and honor are in her left hand. Her ways are pleasing and all her paths are peace. She is a tree of life for those who take hold of her. Happy are all who hold her near.” 

–  Proverbs 3:13-18

About this post:

Almighty God is against Marxism. Thus, Marxism is a clear and present evil that continues to spread like a cancer among us. It is of utmost importance to address this issue. The realizations you will read below will change your life! After you finish, you may experience the mourning process just as I did (denial, anger, acceptance). That’s okay! Let yourself grieve.

Knowledge Is Power! (*Resources can be found at the bottom of this post so that you can read further.)

This Post will focus primarily on the Black Lives Matter group and their intentions regarding the God-created family. In this post I will:

  • 1. Briefly introduce Marx & Engels & Give a brief description of Marxism
  • 2. Introduce important terms that are imperative for the understanding of the meaning behind #BLM rhetoric
  • 3. Present the #BLM stance on the family, provide means for understanding that stance, & specify the ways this stance is shaped by Marxism


Leonard Sabovich was the leading Soviet urban planner under both Stalin and Lenin. Because children are considered property of the state, Sabovich advocated forcible removal of children from their parents, after which they would be place into his carefully designed “Children’s Towns” as part of his grand scheme for the ideal “socialist city.”


  1. Black Lives Matter’s white, European “god,” Karl Marx, and Marx’s Utopian global society:

Each of the above points (declarations) regarding the BLM organization are actually interconnected and tied to a global ideology of central planning and the welfare state that is known as communism. God does not support it.

Historical background:

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published “The Communist Manifesto” in 1848. Since then, their unedifying screed has been read by more and more people, and their confusing, ideological blarney against human nature has spread like a virus. There is never a shortage of new contemporaries and intelligence-lacking intellectuals to carry on Marx’s torch.

Communism is both an economic structure and a cultural structure. It goes by different names…

*When “communism” (also known as Marxism) earned a bad name in the east, supporters of the communist ideal in Europe began calling it “socialism.” When Cuba gave “socialism” a bad name, supporters of the communist ideal in America began calling it “progressivism.” Now, we have the new buzz term “Democratic Socialism,” which a large portion of history-ignorant Americans are flocking to. *Regardless of the terminology or how it is deceptively dressed, it is all communism.  As Vladimir Lenin, one of communism’s founders, once aptly stated, “The goal of socialism is communism.”


Did you know that in 1945, only two months after the end to WWII, young, British voters lacking in historical knowledge and inspired by Marx, weary from the war, essentially kicked Winston Churchill out of office? In his place they elected Clement Atlee, an undercover Marxist with Britain’s Labour Party. Atlee proceeded to nationalize the healthcare system, the financial system, the coal and automotive industries, communication facilities, electricity production, aviation, and the steel industry. The British economy was badly damaged and the government had to resort to rationing food for its poorest citizens. The single thing that kept Atlee’s government from turning into totalitarianism was Atlee’s personal moral beliefs. The British voters brought Winston Churchill back to power in 1950. However, it required a full eighteen years of conservative governments to repair the damage caused by the six years of Clement Atlee’s government. Today, out of willful ignorance and naive ideological motives, many contemporaries laud Atlee’s welfare state and Atlee himself as an unsung hero of Britain.

2. Totalitarianism and Dezinformatsyia:

“The mouth of the one who is right with God is a well of life, but the mouth of the sinful                  hides trouble.” 

–  Proverbs 10:11

Overthrowing capitalism is the central goal of Marxists so that they can usher in a welfare state across the globe, free from countries and void of borders. French Marxist Stephane Hessel, dreaming of a universal Marxist paradise, preached redistribution of the whole world’s wealth. An unprecedented, international moment of silence was observed by the United Nations in 2013, following Hessel’s death. Turning a country (and the world) away from capitalism and into an autocracy (dictatorship), requires an act of force. In fact, Marx himself prefaced his 10 point plan, stating “Of course, in the beginning, this can not be effected except by despotic inroads” (tyrannical inroads).

Since such tyrannical change is likely to be met with great resistance, many Marxists advocate a stealth, gradual transition from capitalism to “socialism” by way of legislative acts and government-imposed regulations. In order for this to take place, a full attack on existing culture and beliefs must be initiated through an organized and multifaceted “disinformation” campaign. *The socialist Soviets mastered disinformation, which is a deliberate marketing of false information (dezinformatsyia) to gain control and manipulate minds. This means that code words must be used to fool the masses into jumping aboard the Marxist agenda train and tricked into voluntarily surrendering their personal rights and control over their personal matters to the government. Another term for this is “Doublespeak.” Make no mistake: this is ALL sanctioned deceit – lies!


In 1963, after extensive communist infiltration into the US government, congress entered into the official record the 45 communist goals for taking over the United States of America. The below statement is one of these 45 goals:



Saul Alinsky, an American community organizer, created some 24 rules for community organizing for change (found in his book, Rules For Radicals). The first 13 are power tactics. The 11 remaining rules are guidelines concerned with the means to an end. Several of Alinky’s rules are pertinent to the topic of misinformation (lies):

  • “You do what you can with what you have and clothe it in moral garments.”
  • “Goals must be phrased in general terms like ‘Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Of the Common Welfare, Pursuit of Happiness, or Bread and Peace.’”
  • “In war the end justifies almost any means.”
  • “The price of a successful attack is a constructive alternative.”
  • “Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.”
  • “Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.”
  • “If you push a negative hard and deep enough it will break through into its counterside [sic].”
  • … “utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”
  • “A good tactic is one that your people enjoy.”

*Please, may we never forget that Saul Alinsky dedicated his book, Rules for Radicals, to LUCIFER (Satan)! This man was literally a conduit of evil.

“America is like a healthy body and its resistance is threefold: Its patriotism, its morality, and its spiritual life. If we can undermine these three areas, America will collapse from within.” 

–  Joseph Stalin

There are several key terms that you need to know before we go any further:

*For the purposes of length, I only listed the terms relevant for this particular post.

  1. Bourgeois Family/ “Western-Prescribed Nuclear Family Structure” – called the “middle-class” in the US, begins with the nuclear family (mother & father living together & raising their offspring); exemplified by the following characteristics: emphasis on personal responsibility, strong moral values, the care of and protection of children, education, behaviors that foster economic success, & an obligation to right morally unjust wrongs (*this family structure is seen negatively by socialists)
  2. Extended Families – fatherless families/ multigenerational fatherless families; utopian communal child-rearing usually void of adult males; the societal collective (communal society)
  3. Villages/Collective Care/Cooperative – state-run communes for child-rearing in which domestic labor is actually a state industry; child-rearing paid for with taxes; government control over child-rearing and education (indoctrination of the nation’s youth)
  4. “Our” Children – Children belong to the state, not the parents. Children are state property and parents should not be allowed to indoctrinate their own children. We know how to better “parent” than you do.
  5. Dismantle, Disrupt – shame and destroy, eliminate completely, eradicate from existence
  6. Family-Friendly Spaces –Regardless of the inappropriate things that will take place at an event, you are expected to bring your children with you to the event so that we may indoctrinate them from an early age to believe as we do, to think as we do, and to behave as we do.
  7. Justice Work – agitating, trouble-making, violently protesting, rioting, stirring unrest, inflaming the masses, vigilantism, paid anarchist
  8. Private/Privacy (when referring to family or parenting) – financially responsible for one’s own family; the autonomous family free from governmental intrusion and oversight (a negative for Marxists)
  9. Patriarchy/Patriarchal (sometimes referred to as male-centered) – deep hatred of males (misandry); a deep hatred of all cultural norms; a tool for blaming men or the dominant culture for one’s own shortcomings and unhappiness; a method of agitating and victimizing women for political gain
  10. Privilege – a derogatory term used to defame all things traditional/normal; a tool created for the purposes of blaming others for one’s own failures/disappointments; a term used to instil a spirit of resentment in others against a specific, targeted group
  11. “Double-Shifts” – children are a burden; motherhood is a burden
  12. Proletariat/laborers/workers – low-wage workers who must labor to earn capital


“The communist revolution is the most radical rupture with traditional relations; no wonder that its development involves the most radical rupture with traditional ideas.”  

–  Marx and Engels

3. Black Lives Matter, Communism, & the Abolition of the Family:

A. Marxism, Socialism, Communism and the Family

By the mid 1800’s, it was accepted knowledge that socialists (A.K.A. communists) rejected the institution of the family, favoring “free-love” instead. Marx and Engels, as well as other socialists and opponents of socialism all fully understood that socialism was a threat to the family. Unfortunately, many misconstrue Marx’s and Engel’s radical stance advocating for the abolition of the family. It was not reform they sought, but complete annihilation of the family unit as humanity has known it to be. Marx’s vision of human relationships in future communist society had no resemblance whatsoever to family as it has historically existed.

“Only by making the term family almost infinitely elastic can they [Marx & Engels] be said to have embraced merely a reformation of the family.”

 –  History of European Ideas, Vol 18, No 5, p. 658

Marx and Engels co-authored The Communist Manifesto, among other works, in which their material/economic view of history is clearly visible. Marx believed that the bourgeois family and their private property were part of the superstructure of capitalism, which he loathed. He used the bourgeois family as a scapegoat, blaming the family for prostitution, the exploitation of children working in factories, and the sexual exploitation of women and girls in factories during that time period (Europe’s industrialization). In the eyes of Marx and Engels, it was within the family unit that private property and division of labor were first created, with the first type of division of labor being the sex act. Within the family, labor was divvied out based on physiological factors such as age and sex, and thus women and children were forced to become the slaves of men. The families’ private property was thus associated with the division of labor which, according to Marx and Engels, was then associated with alienation and exploitation. *Thus, Marx theorized the best way to abolish all private property was to abolish the family altogether, including all inheritance. [Interestingly, Marx and Engels did not work, but instead lived off of Engels’ inheritance.]

Influenced by Feuerbach (German philosopher and anthropologist), Marx determined that humans created God and all human institutions. Since humans came first in the order of things, then God and all human institutions (such as the family) are no longer sacrosanct (no longer regarded as sacred and inviolable).

“Therefore after, for example, the earthly family is discovered as the secret of the holy family, the former must itself be theoretically and practically destroyed.”

 –  Marx, “Thesis on Feuerbach”

Overtime Marx and Engels vacillated between theories regarding the history of the family. Ultimately they adopted a view that the absence of the family was the original and natural state of humanity – a society where every man had sexual access to every woman and even incest was acceptable. In Marx’s materialist view of history, laws prohibiting polygamy were only due to economic reasons, with money and boredom being the true bonds of the Bourgeois marriage. Consequently, Marx believed that economic factors would ultimately fuel the transformation to a communist society.

“Religion, family, state, law, morality, science, art, etc. are only particular modes of production and come under its general law. The positive supersession (Aufhebung) of private property as appropriation of human life, is therefore the positive supersession (Aufhebung) of all alienation, and therefore the return of people out of religion, family, state, etc. into his human, i.e. social existence.” 

–  Marx

Marx and Engels addressed the status of children, post-family, in The Communist Manifesto. First, home education must be banned and ultimately replaced with Erziehung, which Adolph Hitler put into effect in the 1930’s, and which is largely still in effect today. That’s right – Hitler was a socialist (A.K.A. communist)!  Erziehung is not only social and formal education, but it also encompasses all training of children, even the training typically associated with the role of the parents. Marx and Engels were unconcerned about the inevitable protests by parents, poking fun at the “Bourgeois claptrap about the family and education, about the hallowed co-relation of parent and child.” Their vision for children was to remove them from their parents and place them into communes, for their own good of course, after which their parents were free to engage in sexual relations without any concern for the children. Engels elaborated upon this vision for children further in the draft of The Communist Manifesto: “The raising (Erziehung) of children together in national institutions and at national expense, from that moment on, in which they can dispense with the first motherly care.” There you have it, folks! Marx and Engel’s envisioned ripping children away from their mothers essentially as soon as the children were old enough to feed themselves and wipe their own butts. The private, autonomous family is prohibited to exist in the communist society as the state takes firm control over its youth. No provision would be made to account for a mother’s (or father’s) natural bond to her children.

“The youth of today is ever the people of tomorrow. For this reason we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth with the spirit of this community of the people at a very early age, at an age when human beings are still unperverted and therefore unspoiled. This Reich stands, and it is building itself up for the future, upon its youth. And this new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing.”

 –  Adolph Hitler, 1937

In addition to private childcare/child-rearing being replaced by communal care, private housework, cooking, etc. should be replaced by a government-run industry. Only then will the woman finally be set free from the economic bondage of her family. Accompanying this new found liberation, the communist society removes the shackles of marriage and monogamy, which are seen by Marx and Engels as impediments to true human happiness. The new sexual norm will be that of an uninhibited expression of mutual love. Because children are raised communally, Engels notes that women will no longer have to fear unwanted pregnancies.

“This [the communal care of children] removes the anxiety about the ‘consequences,’ which today forms the most essential social – moral as well as economic – factor that hinders a girl from giving herself completely to the man she loves. Will that not be cause enough for the gradual advent of more free and easy sexual relations and with it also a more tolerant public opinion concerning virginal honor and a woman’s shame?”

 –  Engels


So… Do you get the picture? I could go on and on…

B. Black Lives Matters and the Family

*For the purposes of length, I will not present the direct, communist connections to the Black Lives Matter organization. That topic will be discussed in my next post.

Now let’s look at some of the content available on the Black Lives Matter website, keeping in mind the mind-numbing information we have gathered from the preceding info. *The below images are screen shots of from the BLM website’s “Our Principles” section.









Look for the socialist code words I listed and defined above. (private, dismantle/disrupt/, villages, our children, nuclear family, etc.) Do you notice the similarities between the BLM language and the concepts espoused by Marx and Engels?  …You should!

Did you notice that the icon for “Black Families” is absent the father? The women who founded the #BLM group & created its website hold an evident, deep hatred toward men (misandry). In fact, their hatred of men is a hatred and a rejection of the creation of our Almighty God above. Consider this: God is the ultimate patriarch! To go to war with patriarchy is literally to go to war with GOD Himself! Do you want to go to war with God?  SPOILER ALERT: GOD WILL WIN.

“Feminists have risen to breach the historic maintenance of a distinction between the ‘public’ and the ‘private,’ writing volumes to show the interdependence and relationship between these ‘spheres,’ demonstrating, for example, the treacherousness of the protection of family privacy…”

 –  Martha Albertson Fineman

#BLM seeks not to uplift the black community, nor does it even seek to prevent another black man’s death at the hands of police (like that of my friend’s grandson, Eddie). Black Lives Matter and its founders are just one more black power structure seeking to exploit blacks to further expand their own personal wealth and power, and to push their own communist agenda which they have cleverly hidden behind socialist code words.

Do black lives really matter? To Lisa Garza, Opal Tometi, and Patrisse Cullors, black lives only matter in the sense that they are commodities to be pimped out for political “progress.” Ask yourself this question, “If these women truly wanted to improve black lives, why would they seek to further eradicate fathers from black families?” In 1960, 67% of black children were raised in homes with married fathers and mothers. Also in 1960, just 20% of black children lived in single mother homes. Today only 34% of black children are raised in homes with married fathers and mothers. Even worse, today a full 50% of all black children are living in single mother homes. Ask yourself this question, “Has the ‘dismantling of the nuclear family’ in the black community had a positive effect or a negative effect on black lives?” There is a plethora of research studies, data and statistics that could fill the belly of Jonah’s whale which clearly show the negative impact of fatherlessness on nearly every single aspect of a child’s life, as well as the immense positive benefits for children with involved fathers, especially fathers married to the mothers. To spite this evidence, the three leaders of the #BLM remain as dedicated to abolishing the family as Marx was. That… it isn’t progress. That is misery! (*It is also important to note that the nuclear family is not a “Western” creation. It was created by God above. An attack on the family is an attack on the Almighty Himself!)

Lastly, take a moment to consider the ways in which the #BLM principles contradict and seek to undermine the truth of the Gospel.

“The snake said to the woman, ‘No, you for sure will not die! For God knows that when you eat from it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.’

 –  Genesis 3:4-5

We can rationalize our way into believing any truck load of mumbo-jumbo. But lying to ourselves only comes from Satan. Just think of how clever he was in the garden with Eve. Satan easily led Eve along, helping her rationalize her way into eating the forbidden fruit. Please, don’t be like Eve. Your soul’s eternal destination is far too precious to become a sacrificial lamb to an unrighteous cause! Keep to the path that is hard which leads to salvation!


“Does not wisdom call? Does not understanding raise her voice? She takes her stand on the top of the hill beside the way, where the paths meet.”

 –  Proverbs 8:1-2

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Painting Others With Too Broad a Brush



Project 2, Post 4: Painting Others With Too Broad a Brush

Reflection & Artistic Process:

With gentle, smooth strokes, back and forth, my soft-bristled, broad brush lay down an iridescent and semi-translucent, gold luster upon my canvas. The multi-toned, grayish background of my painting was slowly becoming more homogeneous with each stroke as the distinct shades of grays, blues and browns, the lights and the darks, all lost a bit of their individual attributes as they faded beneath the golden sheen.

Sometimes even I am amazed by the ways in which art often imitates life…

All of us are, even unintentionally, prone to painting others, especially groups, with too broad a brush.

The human brain was designed to categorize, to classify. As young children, we were all assessed on our ability to classify objects. Containers filled with blocks of varying shapes were presented to us to be sorted. Regardless of each block’s size or color, the triangles went with the other triangles, the squares went with the other squares, and so on. This year, all across the country, kindergarteners and first graders will be assessed on their ability to identify and sort US coins. Although the “tails” side of US quarters depict over 50 different designs (one for each US state and territory), students will group all of the quarters together. In the beginning stages of money recognition, children will rely predominately on the size of quarters, above all other similar attributes, for grouping purposes.

 “Painting others (or something) with too broad a brush,” is an idiom describing the act of characterizing someone (or something) in very vague, general, and broad terms while ignoring and neglecting to included individual, specific details and attributes.

As we grow up and our experiences in the world expand, the human brain naturally applies its categorical inclinations to other people or groups of people. *It is when we (people) project our negative feelings upon other individuals and groups based on a single attribute that we move beyond natural, biological tendencies and into purposeful condemnation entirely depending on our own internal motivations and biases. One experience with one person, “Bob” – a single member outside of our own group – then morphs into a personally held, broad generalization which we apply to all members of that out-group to which “Bob” categorically belongs. In terms of social psychology, we may adopt an “us” verses “them” mentality. Stereotyping then follows, which only leads to problems for both ourselves and others. Once we have allowed this type of blanketed bias to infect our minds and our hearts then we become entirely closed off to truth and to facts and to reality: we revert to rejecting all things which challenge our emotional confidence and security in our broad, misplaced biases to which we have attached a piece of our own identity.

In Matthew 7:13-14, Jesus warns us not to go through the “wide door”:

“Go through the narrow door. The door is wide and the road is easy that leads to hell. Many people are going through that door. But the door is narrow and the road is hard that leads to life that lasts forever. Few people are finding it.”  

Sadly, aggregators at the helm of our society – posing as public leaders, educators, human rights advocates, etc. – pregnant with ulterior motives and ravenous for power, are leading more and more people through the “wide door” with each new day. These perpetual “scab-pickers” utilize deceptive, emotion-driven marketing and inflammatory rhetoric to intentionally paint large groups of Americans with one gigantically broad brush of condemnation, always diligent in their efforts at keeping old wounds from ever healing.

*Next comes scapegoating, which only increases the level of harm and conflict.

The Scapegoat Theory (in psychology) and the commonly used cultural term scapegoat actually originated from the story of Aaron in the Old Testament of the Bible (Leviticus, Chapter 16). Aaron lists out loud all of the sins of Israel, symbolically casting the sins upon the goat to bear. He then sends the goat off into the desert alone. Thus, the goat paid the price for the Israelis’ sins.

Consistent with Freud’s notions of displacement and projection, Scapegoating is the process of blaming another person or a group for one’s own problems, resulting in prejudice and hatred toward that individual or group. This serves as a useful tool for explaining away one’s own misdeeds and failures while simultaneously maintaining one’s pride and positive self-image.

History provides endless examples of political scapegoating, where leaders gain power and influence through the use of scapegoats to rally the masses, all at the expense of the undesirable, despised group. *Probably the most widely well-known example of scapegoating is that of Adolph Hitler who –  during a period of German financial struggle – rallied the support of and the control over the German people by framing Jews as unjustly and disproportionately financially stable/commercially secure, among other things, in comparison to the Caucasian German population. *The deceptively marketed, unifying goal during this scapegoating campaign was supposedly the “improvement” of Germany.

As the above example amply illustrates, scapegoating is often followed by dehumanizing those being targeted as the scapegoats . This, sadly, can lead to violence.

*I will discuss the issue of dehumanization in a later post.*

Unfortunately, Americans are witnessing group scapegoating on a vastly increasing rate. When people willfully disregard facts in favor of ideological headways, the results are far-reaching. Let’s examine two recent examples:

  • In a horrific, evil act just under 2 months ago on June 12, 2016, an American born Islamic terrorist shot and killed 49 people, wounding 53 more at a gay night club in Orlando, FL. In the aftermath, some members of the LGBTQIA community, angry and deeply saddened, used their pens as public podiums to cast the fault and blame for the disgusting, immoral act of terror solely onto the backs of Christians, essentially scapegoating Christians for the acts of an Islamic terrorist regardless of the fact that Christians had absolutely nothing to do with this tragic event. The arguments from these individuals was irrational, illogical and, unexpectedly, entirely out of left field.
  • One month ago on July 7, 2016, 5 Dallas police officers were shot and killed in a sniper-style shooting. The perpetrator, a black man and former US service member, had become so enraged by the influx of anti-police, anti-Caucasian rhetoric which has been spewed by many “leaders” that he had projected his rage, his own personal disappointments, and his own biases onto all police officers as a group. Police became this man’s scapegoat and 5 random officers were murdered because of it – 5 families were destroyed because of it.

Make no mistake – no group of people is without a few bad apples. *However, when we allow the creeping evil of painting others with too broad a brush into our hearts, our minds will follow, leading us to walk through the wide door and along the easy road to hell: our thinking, deductions, reasoning and even our own actions will inevitably become equally as nonsensical and dangerous than that of the individuals in the examples discussed above. The human heart can be far darker than we would like to admit… Given our natural, human tendencies to classify and categorize, along with our deeply rooted social need of “belonging,” like sheep, we can all be lead astray.

“What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”   – Ecclesiastes 1:9

Always be diligent in your dedication to loving others. That doesn’t mean condoning their actions or choices. That doesn’t mean that you have to sit idly by while others punish you or act cruel. It doesn’t mean that you may not stick up for yourself and your beliefs. ***Refuge in the love of Jesus Christ and faith of our Heavenly Father are our only ways to keep from becoming just another member of the modern day version of the mob, just another lost sheep screaming “Crucify him!”  “Crucify him!”

Racism & the Sins of Diversity

Project 2, Post 3: Racism & the Sins of Diversity

(Project 2 is all about the battle between good and evil.)

Racism is (a) the belief that race accounts for the difference in human character and/or ability; (b) discrimination or prejudice based on race.


Prejudice is (a) dislike for people of a specific race, religion, etc.; (b) the act or state of holding preconceived beliefs/judgments/convictions without adequate information.


Discrimination is treatment or consideration based on class or category, such as race or gender, rather than based on individual merit; partiality or prejudice.


I decided to add a little color to the background of my painting for bit more variety in tone. As I swept my brush across the canvas leaving behind small touches of blue and brown, the word “color” blinked inside of my mind, the letters made of bright, showbiz lights. Color! Color! Color!

…….My mind then leaped right into the heavy topic of skin color.


I recently ran across the above post, by a person named Paul Noble, on Facebook. I literally gasped out loud. Few examples of present day racism are so obvious and unapologetic.

There you have it, my fellow Americans… Our society now values the wrapping paper more than the package inside! Gee…What could go wrong?

The “diversity” (or the lack there of) which is alluded to in this Facebook post is not true diversity, but is instead the new, elitist, limited form of diversity that is strictly confined to what you are on the outside; what you look like (or more specifically your skin color and what equipment you have between your legs). That ol’ saying, “Beauty is only skin deep,” has been thrown out with the bathwater. That’s right… You are now only as good as the color of your skin and your genital package.

New Diversity Definition: (Noun) (a) a tool used to bestow and to designate an individual’s or group’s value/worth based on race and sex; (b) a means by which a subgroup(s) of humans effectively shames, denigrates, and gains control over another subgroup(s); (c) a method for justifying one’s own racist inclinations toward a group of people.

Beware! This is a tool of evil! This “diversity” has no resemblance to love. Love does not seek to diminish others. Love does not keep records of wrong. Love fights against our human inclination to hate and to disparage. Love treasures one’s character, no matter the exterior. Love frees us from the weight of anger and blame, while hate wallows in it.

Make no mistake! Satan (Lucifer) is the force behind such fixations on our exteriors: after all, he was the most beautiful angel in Heaven and was enormously self-absorbed. Let’s take a moment to review exactly who Satan is so that we may more readily see his influence upon our world.

Created by God, Lucifer (meaning brightness) was one of the two angels seated beside the throne of the Heavenly Father. (Ezekiel 28:13, 15; Psalms 99:1). He is sometimes referred to as the morning star or day star. He was created perfect; glorious in splendor, beauty and wisdom. “You were the seal of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty… Every precious stone was your covering” (Ezekiel 28:12,13). Satan was also gifted with song. However, Lucifer allowed his beauty and pride to corrupt his wisdom for the sake of his own splendor. (Ezekiel 28:17). He sought out to exalt himself above God. Subsequently, a celestial war broke out in heaven. One-third of the Heaven’s angels joined Lucifer’s devious army. “Michael and his angels fought with the dragon; and the dragon and his angels fought, but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them in Heaven any longer. So the great dragon was cast out, that serpent of old, called the Devil and Satan, who deceives the whole Earth, and his angels were cast out with him” (Revelation 12:7-9).

*It was Satan’s inflated ego and obsession with his own exterior that ultimately caused his fall from grace. Now, we too are heading down the path of Lucifer into a skin-deep hell-whole where the stakes are high and the ultimate cost will be our own souls’ fall from grace.

Right now, make a decision. Will you surrender your soul to the idolatry of diversity – of judging people by their skin color or sex? Or, will you remain true to Christ, closing off your heart to the creeping hatred of Satan and his evil sin of vanity? Deep down, we all know what the right choice is. There are no gray areas here. This is a matter of right and wrong; good and evil. Choose good!

Artistic Process:

Using a broad brush and keeping it damp, I smeared blues and browns onto the canvas, being careful not to apply too much. I kept white paint and black paint on hand to blend the colors as needed.