No weddings, 2 funerals: My week in hell


I pray that this post may bring comfort, hope, and strength to all who are mourning at this time. Amen.

Here is the timeline:

  • Saturday, August 26th, 2017: My father – my best friend, my confidant, my sports buddy, my rock – suffered a sudden, debilitating stroke, sending him to the ICU. He was also diagnosed with pneumonia. My family and I spent the next several days with him at the hospital hoping for his recovery.
  • Monday, August 28th, 2017: My 20-year-old nephew suddenly died.
  • Wednesday, August 30th, 2017: My father passed away. (Later, I wrote a short article about the beautiful experience shared at my father’s funeral with family, friends, and strangers from the USAF Honor Guard and the Patriot Guard Riders.)




  • Two days later (Friday), we buried my nephew. Two days after that (Sunday), we buried my dad.


The sequence of events from my awful week in a living hell left me feeling as though I were being slammed from all directions, blind-sided and knocked down with a 2×4 to the chest every two days. Bam! Bam! Bam!


It seems impossible that one family can withstand such tremendous loss – the loss of its patriarch, coupled with the loss of one of the family’s precious young souls – all at once. How could it even be possible for each member of our family to individually withstand such sharp, excruciating pain? Yet, we all, my family and I, kept breathing. Every day, we pulled ourselves out of bed. Even my oldest sister, who lost her father and her son, kept going. I have watched body builder competitions, but I have not once witnessed an amount of strength equal to that of my family, and myself, during this tragic time. Our strength was, in a word, divine!


We weren’t breathing, moving, living beings on our own accord. It was God who carried us. It is He who continues to carry us as we endure deep mourning for our loved ones. For this I am grateful beyond words.


God is great!  God is good! Though my faith was tried in this week of hell of earth, my faith remains unshaken! Glory to God in the highest! For, without my precious Lord, I would be but a seed tossed in the wind.


Let us remember II Corinthians 1:3-5, and praise our Lord of all comfort:


Remember to give your cares to the Lord. He will sustain you. HERE is a wonderful resource to assist you in times of struggle.

May God bless you and keep you.


The Roots Pt. 2: #BLM & the Movement for Black Lives


Project 2, Post 6 – The Roots Part 2: #BLM and the Movement for Black Lives

Artistic Process:

As mentioned in my last post, I wanted to create an art piece full of movement, as inspired by my dream. After taping off part of my canvas as described in my last post, I pondered how I could actually create that movement. As I am always experimenting, I devised a plan. Using a second canvas, still wrapped in protective plastic, and a kitchen chair, I tried to create something of a backboard/bounce board. My goal for this design was to sling paint at the second, plastic-wrapped canvas in hopes of causing a backsplash to splatter out and onto my painted canvas below.

For those of us who truly believe that black lives do matter, the hidden goals and alliances of Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives are a devastating blow to our hopes and our values.

This is the 2nd installment of an in-depth series investigation into the roots and intentions of the “Black Lives Matter” group and the “Movement for Black Lives.” *If you have not read part one, please do so. Part one is important for understanding both my own motives for investigating these organizations, as well as for gaining full realization of the two groups discussed herein and their founding philosophy, along with fully understanding this international ideology. (You can read part 3 here.) (You can read part 4 here.)

In my last post I focused our attention to the issue of the family (#2), after I listed several declarations regarding Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives; all of which are centered in Communism (Marxism/Socialism). Those declarations are listed below.

My research had presented clear evidence about the #Black Lives Matter org.:

  • While BLM has exploited the deaths of black men as martyrs for their cause, the group’s goals and principles listed on the website do not include any mention of black men other than those transgendered (men living as women)…
  • The official BLM organization clearly seeks to erode the God-given and God-designed family as evidenced by multiple BLM guiding principles (to be addressed below).
  • The Black Lives Matter organization is actually just a Marxism (communism) front organization, using heated and misleading language along with wildly erroneous claims to enrage the entire black race so that blacks can be further exploited for political gains.

After visiting the website for “The Movement for Black Lives,” I have concluded that it too is a Marxist front organization.



*In this post, I will present the biographical and financial evidence demonstrating the communist roots of Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black lives. For the purposes of length, I will wait until my next post to present evidence of Marxism found within the specific goals and principles of these two groups as the groups have so presented.

Note: There have been various civil rights/racial equality movements across the years; not all adhere to the same philosophy or share the same goals. MANY of these movements have been honorable and productive. Others should not garner that same respect. Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives are not only connected with one another, but they also promote the same philosophy: “Radical Black Liberation Movement” (RBLM) or Black Liberation movement (BLM) for short. As such, from this point on I will simply refer to the Black Lives Matter/Movement for Black Lives organizations by their shared philosophical identify: RBLM.



Almighty God always punishes those who serve communism (socialism), as this philosophy shatters the first two of the Ten Commandments. God is replaced by the state and by humanism. This ideology becomes its own theology, religion to those who then worship and glorify this man—made false god.

Eric Mann, the Weather Underground, & Patrisse Cullors:

In 1969, Eric Mann – a radical communist leader/member of the Weather Underground (a splinter group from the radical, Marxist group Students for a Democratic Society) – and 20-30 of his comrades led an attack on Harvard University, accosting a small group of students, employees, and faculty. The invaders defaced and vandalized property and physically assaulted multiple people, while shouting “…we are liberating this building!” Erica Mann was soon arrested and charged with five counts of assault and battery along with several other charges for property damage and for disturbing a public assembly.

Following the blueprint laid out by several Marxist intellectuals before him, Mann believed that inner city blacks were key to inciting a revolution and ultimately overthrowing the government. Mann has one problem: he is white. Mann knew he and other communists must target the black community to effectively bring forth a black leader to set off the Marxist revolutionary dream.

“It would take almost forty years for Mann to see his vision spring to life and catch fire. That’s when he would meet an angry black, lesbian teenager named Patrisse Cullors who goes on to co-found the Black Lives Matter movement” (Stranahan, 2016). In Cullors, Mann found a willing, enthusiastic protégé he then shaped in his own ideological image. This is not Patrisse Cullors’ only communist/socialist tie, and the other Black Lives Matter/Movement for Black Lives leaders have Marxist loyalties as well.

*To examine the founders’ communism loyalties we can follow the money.

The Funding Structure Blueprint:

A tangled web forms the funding apparatus of the RBLM. Before we can follow the money trail and social alliances therein, we must first understand the carefully orchestrated structure of this brilliant funding system. The funding structure blueprint calls for the creation of a formidable mass of humanity organizations in alliance with one another to create the impression that a movement has a far larger following than it actually does, that the movement is far more mainstream and popular with the masses than it actually is. Often, foreign governments, such as the Russians, are the creators and puppeteers of a large number of these groups/movements. Some organizations are large, but many of the organizations are, in reality, only a website or a Facebook page. Black Lives matter, as clearly acknowledged on its official website, is one example of an organization that is not a true philanthropic/humanitarian organization: instead, Black Lives Matter exists as a website alone (or “online forum” as its founders call it).


(lie, deceive, mislead, conceal)

By covertly creating, funding, and then concealing the entities and funding behind FRSO groups, as well as other communist-aligned front organizations, the Ninth Commandment has been obliterated. Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives lies to all Americans and sells the black community as slaves to the Marxist cause: global communism.

On the surface, each of these organizations advocates different causes. However, the organizations are, in reality, all covertly working together for one main goal that surpasses all others: to end capitalism by overthrowing capitalist societies in order to rebuild an international communist state. In doing so, this mass of allied organizations acts as well-oiled dezinformatsiya (disinformation) machine. Unlike true humanitarian/philanthropic organizations – such as Heifer International, World Vision, or even the Humane Society of the United States whose funding is put into actions which yield real-life results, truly improving the lives of those these organizations seek to help  – the organizations within the radical funding nexus are most often little more than special interest lobbying entities (community organizers).



There were more people in Socialist Russia (USSR) employed by the disinformation machine during the Cold War than were employed in the Russian defense industry and the Russian army combined! The Soviets (the KGB) created numerous communist front groups, officially located outside of Russia around the world and all pretending to be independent entities, to purposefully deceive the West (especially America) as well as its own Russian citizens. A few of these communist disinformation groups were: “the World Peace Council (with branches in 112 countries), the World Federation of Trade Unions (with branches in 90 countries), the Women’s International Democratic Federation (with branches in 129 countries), the International Union of Students (with branches in 152 countries), and the World Federation of Democratic Youth (with branches in 210 countries)” (Pacepa & Richlak, 2016). Many of these front groups still exist today.


Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO):

The co-founders of Black Lives Matter – Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi – all work for front groups for the Freedom Road Socialist Organization. FRSO is compiled of and covered by dozens of groups, and Black Lives Matter is one of the FRSO’s many projects. All projects and groups, as Nelini Stamps proclaimed, “…are actually trying to change the capitalist system we have today..” Stamps works for the FRSO front organization ACORN (which has now been rebranded under a plethora of different names).

*Below is a list of Marxist FRSO front groups funding the Radical Black Liberation Movement (Black Lives Matter, the Movement for Black Lives, etc.). (You can find more details on these groups here.)

Alicia Garza:

  1. National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA), Garza: Special Projects Director, NDWA donations collected: $6,120,896
  2. People Organized to Win Employment Rights (POWER), Garza: Executive Director, POWER donations collected: $3,173,210
  3. School of Unity and Liberation (SOUL), Garcia: Board Member, SOUL donations collected: $2,083,750
  4. Right to the City Alliance (RTTC), Garza: 2011 Board Chair, RTTC donations collected: $3,337,500

It’s not possible for a world to emerge where black lives matter if it’s under capitalism. And it’s not possible to abolish capitalism without a struggle against national oppression and gender oppression.”

~ Alicia Garza

Patrisse Cullors:

  1. Dignity and Power Now (DPN), Cullors: Founder and Director, DPN is underwritten by Community Partners

“We’ve made it very clear that this is not just a conversation around cis, hetero, black men…”

~ Patrisse Cullors

Opal Tometi:

  1. Black Alliance for Just Immigration (BAJI), Tometi: Executive Ditector, BAJI donations collected: $873,100

“…I would argue that the international community faces 3 core challenges to advancing human rights. Those are: global capitalism, white supremacy, and the suppression of democracy.”

~ Opal Tometi

Other Communist FRSO front groups Funding and Allianced with RBLM organizations: (funding estimates provided if available)

  1. Advancement Project (AP): $54,572,286
  2. Movement Strategy Center (MSC): 2013 revenue of $7.5 million
  3. Black Left Unity
  4. Black Workers for Justice
  5. Causa Justa/Just Cause: 2013 revenue of $1.6 million
  6. Grassroots Global Justice Alliance (GGJ)
  7. Hands Up United
  8. Intelligent Mischief
  9. Organization for Black Struggle (OBS)
  10. Revolutionary Student Coordinating Committee (RSCC) — *known for their pro-abortion “Hail Satan” chant
  11. Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ)
  12. Strategic Concepts in Organizing and Policy Education (SCOPE): $22,745,894
  13. Soros Funds



The founders, the funders, and the cohorts in the Black Lives Matter movement and in the Movement for Black Lives hide their true intentions from us, deceive us. They pretend to speak for black people, yet not only are their goals a direct contradiction to true equality and liberation, but there are also millions of black Americans (and across the globe) who do not share this heretical ideology. The RBLMs have sold off black lives as slaves to be used as pawns by their Marxist god and masters.

But why?

*In my next post I will discuss another devious element driving the Marxist cult and why socialism is so alluring. In addition, I will discuss several of the demands presented by the Movement for Black Lives and how these demands are embedded with Karl Marx’s signature communist/socialist signature.

You can read part 3 here.

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Project 1, Post 7: A Little Elbow Grease



Holding a hard-bristled dish brush in one hand, I stared at my painting contemplating what I was about to do to it, to inflict upon it. I took one last deep breath and then began scrubbing my painting with ferocity and determination. I scrubbed – and I scrubbed – and I scrubbed – chipping away at the very paint I had purposefully laid upon that canvas. I chiseled away parts of the blue flower petals that I had so carefully composed.

I was on a mission to expose flecks of the aluminum foil squares that I had used as the foundation beneath my painting. It was actually working! It sure was not easy though. Actually, the entire scrubbing process required far more elbow grease than I had anticipated. It also took some time. Nevertheless, I began to be filled with more and more pleasure as the fruit of my labor began to be seen.

As I continued, switching off between arms after one became tired from scrubbing, I remembered a brief verse in the book of Genesis.

“The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” (Genesis, 2:15)

Wait… Adam had to work when he was living in the Garden of Eden? Yes, he sure did. We (humans) were designed by God to toil, to work (in many different forms of course). Even in Eden, life for Adam and Eve was not without effort.

Sometimes we can become discouraged at our constant toils, wishing life were an endless vacation. However, hard work is often a blessing in disguise. Work gives us pleasure and satisfaction in seeing the products of our labor. Work gives us purpose and a sense of self-worth. Work allows us to find a sense of value and pride in ourselves, often when we need it the most.

So, whatever you do each day – whether it is sowing a field, filing paperwork, waking repeatedly in the night to feed a crying baby, turning wrenches, raising children, flipping burgers, etc. – do it heartily. The fruits of your labor might not be seen right away, but in time you shall be blessed.

“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.” (Proverbs 16:3)

Artistic Process:

You have probably seen old buildings with paintings on the side. Although weathering and age have stripped pieces of those paintings away you can still see the integrity of the images. That was my goal in scrubbing my painting in order to allow the aluminum to peak through. I didn’t want to demolish my work, but instead allow small flecks of foil to add depth, texture and character to the piece.

Project 1, Post 2: Whitewashing



After whitewashing over the gray paint and aluminum squares, I noticed the subtle variations within the new cream color of my canvas. My incomplete painting was actually quite diverse!

Suddenly, my mind immediately went straight to the social justice term, “diversity.”

Diversity is defined as A) the quality of being different/containing differences, B) having or including people of different ethnicities and/or backgrounds, and C) possessing a variety of styles, views and ideas.

Over the past couple of years, “diversity” has taken on an entirely new form from what we Americans had embraced so lovingly in our desire for civil liberties for and the mutual respect of all Americans. Diversity once encompassed the idea of different cultures and ethnicities living together as one, peaceful, society while being able to maintain their own individual identities, thoughts and cultural practices (so long as no other human is physically harmed), all while simultaneously respecting others and allowing them the freedom to do the same. That idea of diversity focused on America as a mosaic and on mutual respect, loving one another, liberty, cultural appreciation and a mutual goal of seeking a better society, and, it *specifically encouraged the moral ideal of not judging others by the color of their skin.

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”  ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Now, the term “diversity” seems to have been hijacked by an ever-growing array of anger-driven groups of “social justice warriors” infected with Orwellian thought, seeking to spread their infection and to gain power only for themselves. By definition, Orwellian is a term that refers to a societal condition that is harmful to the overall welfare of people, of society, and of freedom. This condition is accomplished through propaganda, legal force, manipulation, the blurring of the truth, agenda driven education, and the mass misinformation of the public through the use of euphemisms in order to “name” certain occurrences while the “name” itself represents the complete opposite of what is actually occurring.

Our new, Orwellian “diversity,” disregards and often outright attempts to eliminate the ideas of loving and respecting others, personal liberty, and, most importantly, difference and variety; all of this is done under the guise of tolerance, equality, individuality, anti-bias and social justice – and of course “diversity.”  It is important for us to understand that those often operating under the guise of progress are egocentric wolves in sheep’s’ clothing.

No longer are individual ideas and viewpoints encouraged. Free-thinking individuals who make the mistake of deviating from   the mob   while contributing to group discussions have now become the    “enemies of progress.”    Individual thought has been replaced with “group thought.” Diversity of ideas and the act of sharing those ideas has been relabeled by the thought police as “hate speech,” “bias,” “bigotry,” and “racism” and has ultimately been replaced by single, homogeneous, and entirely    non-diverse     “acceptable” ideas, “acceptable” speech, and “acceptable” views.    All deviations are met not with tolerance, but with visceral disgust and, often, attempts at public humiliation and vengeance.

Mutual respect of other cultures and the idea of “live and let live” is now seen, to many, as a discrimination and an anti-intellectual argument (put forth by uneducated, superstitious trash) which should be muted immediately and permanently. All of this is done under the guise of multiculturalism.

Science, which is a very dynamic (ever-changing) field of study has also been taken over by Orwellian control. No longer is it necessary for a  “theory”  to be replicated through the Scientific Process in order to be considered a  “fact.”  Scientists who still embody the beautiful, discovery-oriented scientific thought processes involving imagination, experimentation, curiosity, and the consideration of all possibilities and all possible outcomes are quickly chewed up, spit out, shunned, de-funded and condemned to silence.

Most disturbing, however, is the idea that we are all now judged not by the content of our character as the late Rev. King had dreamed of, but are instead judged entirely on our skin color. Our society has reversed course and has begun erasing all of the progress that the civil rights movement made. White is bad. Every other color is good. End of discussion.

*Back to my painting in progress…

What all too many people now fail to see is that each different ethnicity is filled with diversity within itself. All Asians do not hold the same religion or beliefs. Not all Hispanics vote Democrats. Black Americans who hold conservative views are not “Uncle Toms.” Not all white Americans are “racists,” bound and determined to oppress others. My “whitewashed” painting is still full of diverse elements, variations of tone and depth, regardless of its cream color. Instead of condemning others or promoting others solely based on skin color, we should be focused on recognizing the true diversity among all Americans and on finding a way to allow all people to hold on to their dignity, loving them as Christ loves us. Anything else is digression.

Instead of falling in line like sheep, greedily gobbling up the grass of re-branded and re-purposed “diversity,” we must use our freedom of speech, granted to use by God, to share Truth. Only through love can America have healing. Only through love can America have prosperity. Tough love in the form of verbally speaking the truth and of actively adhering to the truth in practice in our own lives is one of the most loving acts humans can do for others who have lost their way. It also brings us closer to God, keeping us alert and reminding us not to fall into the trap of hate.

If we seek true diversity and personal liberty, then we must walk ahead, eyes wide open, with Christ, bravely rejecting Satan’s influence in our society.

Art Process:

I used cream acrylic paint, highly diluted. Using long brush strokes spread across several coats and allowing time to dry, I layered a thin coating of cream paint onto my canvas. I also allowed the paint to pool naturally in various places. Next week I will play playing with color blocking.