Iconic civil rights leader tells Pastor John MacArthur to stop lying

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: Since publication, I have been the recipient of threats, unholy attacks and slander, and an abhorrent smear campaign by several members of Pastor John MacArthur’s own team, who have attempted to bully me into revealing the identities of my research partners/sources. I will not cave. They have gone so far as to accredit authorship of my article to someone else. NOQ Report, too, has been slandered. Worse still, te honesty and reputation of Civil Rights icon Charles Evers has also been attacked. To date, none of the information from this article has been disproved. I am deeply saddened by the unethical behavior exhibited by some members of the Christian community, including several of those on Pastor John MacArthur’s team.]

Civil Rights icon Charles Evers – brother of murdered Civil Rights activist, Medgar Evers is hoping to set the record straight, requesting that radio Bible teacher, best-selling author, seminary president, and mega-church pastor John MacArthur stop “lying” about being with Charles Evers on the night that Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated.

Testimony from Charles Evers and fellow Civil Rights icon, John Perkins – in concert with official reports from the Memphis police, the FBI, and the Congressional investigation into Dr. King’s assassination – are incongruent with Pastor MacArthur’s statements of the events of April 4, 1968, when Dr. King was shot. Continue reading…

This post was originally published at noqreport.com on February 4, 2019.