In search of doctrinal clarity…

This is Article #6 is a series on confronting apostasy in the church. You can read the last article HERE.

I began redefining my tree painting, bringing focus and detail to the blurred foliage. Adding dots of color, greens and blues, depth and visual clarity slowly returned.

Clarity… that magic word…

Clarity… Isn’t that what so many of us seek?

Clarity… Isn’t that what so many churches have forsaken?




In my last article, I discussed the three preliminary principles of motivation for confronting apostasy in one’s church:

  1. First, love must be your motivation in confronting apostasy.
  2. Second, self-sacrifice must be this love’s demonstration.
  3. The third principle I want to reiterate is this: Biblical truth is the issue.

If you have not read the last article, please do so before proceeding.

What the Bible says:

Dr. Paul M. Elliott of Teaching the Word Ministries has written an excellent series on what the Bible teaches us about confronting apostasy.

As he correctly points out, we have been given instructions through God’s Word:

So let me now come to the process itself. We find the process for dealing with apostasy, in fact for dealing with offenses of all kinds, given to us in Matthew 18:15-17. We find there a process set forth by the Lord Jesus Christ himself. Jesus said this:

If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, you have gained your brother. But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that “by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.” And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a heathen and a tax collector. (Matthew 18:15-17)

Here we find a four-step process:

  • First, go to your brother alone and make his offense known. If he hears you, you have gained your brother. The force of the original language is that if your brother will pay attention to what you are saying and will repent, you have helped your brother to escape from evil.
  • Second, if he will not hear you, take one or two others with you and speak to him again.
  • Third, if he still refuses to hear, bring the matter before the church as a body.
  • Fourth, if he refuses even to hear the church, then treat him not as your brother, but as an unbeliever.

Be humble, but alert:

Pastors are humans and make mistakes. A single departure from scripture may simply have been an honest mistake.

Still, it is prudent to keep in mind the words of John Calvin:

Truth is not always nurtured in the bosom of the pastors…

Private situations versus public situations:

Private sins should be confronted privately, while public sins should be confronted publicly.

The risk to souls posed by the public teaching of false doctrine is acutely emphasized by Dr. Elliott:

If someone has persisted in false teaching from the pulpit, or in a Sunday school class, or in a home Bible study, or has persistently written false teaching in books or other publications, this is a public matter. It is not a private sin. And so it immediately becomes a matter to be dealt with by the church as a body, and not on a private basis. That is because there is more than the spiritual welfare of one individual or a even handful of individuals at stake. The spiritual welfare of the entire church is at stake.

There are several Biblical examples of public confrontation, including:

  1. in the epistle of Third John: Apostle John said he was going to publicly confront Diotrephes, the pastor of a local church, about his falsehoods;
  2. and in Galatians chapter two: Apostle Paul publicly confronted the Apostle Peter at Antioch when Peter publicly strayed into legalism.

Expect hostility in return:

If there’s one thing you can count on it is resistance. In fact, the simple act of politely questioning, for example, a popular evangelist, is the one of the easiest ways to make yourself unpopular.

Dr. Elliott even gives real-life examples and probable outcomes to prepare you, which you can read about here.

Remember to be humble and steadfast in your defense of God’s Word. Accept hardship. Remember that souls are at stake.

The Truth is the goal.

Examples of public confrontations:

Public confrontations may take on different forms. Some choose to write, such as myself, others use technology such as Twitter or podcasts. Also, some people may choose local vestry meetings, et al.

Example 1:

What I am about to say may make you angry and cause me to lose favor in your sight. Nevertheless, I will proceed with love and with truth: Beth Moore is a hugely popular evangelist. She says many scripturally-based things, but, through her lack of Berean-diligence, a lack of exegesis and through her insistence on undisciplined allegorical interpretation, she has become, over the years, more and more prone to veering wildly off course (scripturally speaking).

For example, in November of 2017, Beth Moore tweeted the following:


In response, a minister tweeted a response:


It is utterly bizarre that Beth Moore would paint Noah as having some sort of negative instinct and then extend that negativity upon the rest of us.

Noah acted on faith:

By faith Noah, when warned about things not yet seen, in godly fear built an ark to save his family. By faith he condemned the world and became heir of the righteousness that comes by faith. – Hebrews 11:7

Noah’s faith in God is a positive example for us, not a negative one. The minister was right to correct Beth Moore’s scriptural folly.

Example 2:

Recently, at the MLK 50 conference, the ministerial visionaries of a world-infected doctrine – a false gospel obsessed with the aesthetics of pigmentation ratios in the pews – preached a false doctrine of superficial, identitarian justice.

In a brave response, two black theologians who rightly and Biblically reject the false category of race – Darrell B. Harrison and Virgil Walker – released two different podcasts (which I encourage you to listen to) denouncing the growing apostasy of this mankind-driven false doctrine within evangelical churches:


Here’s the takeaway:

If you wish to save souls, if you wish to liberate others (and yourself) from the shackles of sin, doctrinal Truth is the answer. Those possessing a deep concern for others and a genuine love of Christ must safeguard The Word.

You will face many obstacles. You will face rejection from every direction; from foes, as well as from friends and from those with whom you believe you have alliances.

As I clearly state in the disclaimer to my website, “readers of this blog with likely be presented with an inconvenient truth at one point or another.”

The Truth matters.

Every voice matters.

Your voice matters.

Clarity matters.

There will be one, final post in this series. It will be the most difficult: What to do when your church fully rejects Gospel Truth?

The Illusion of Holiness & Shadow-barren Trees

Project 3, Post 4: The Illusion of Holiness & Shadow-barren Trees

The is the 4th part of Project 3 which covers the state of the church here in America. You can read Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE, and Part 3 HERE.

“See to it that no one takes you captive through philosophy and empty deception, according to the tradition of men, according to the elementary principles of the world, rather than according to Christ. For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form.”

(Col.2:8-9, NASB).

Artistic Process:

  • After first identifying what direction the sun would be coming from in this painting, I added highlights to the branches of my tree using a bright off-white. Using a thin, straight brush, I created clean, crisp lines across the topside of each branch. Next, I used a dark grey to define the underside of each branch, as seen in the image below.


  • I selected a dark greyish-teal to form the base of the tree’s foliage. Using a 1/2” wide, rounded, soft brush, I dabbed the dark teal paint into the canvas. Since trees do not have leaves all over each branch, I scattered the teal around the branches. Notice: I added some teal along the length of the branches, but often not covering the branch itself. This allows for the foliage that appears from behind each branch.


  • Next, I added shadows, very dark shadows. For this I selected a flat back. I followed along the same pattern of the teal I had already laid upon the canvas, but also took the black across the branches in several areas. I did this, because leaves that are closer to the viewer would undoubtedly cast a shadow behind them. In other words, the dark shadow was applied to create depth.


  • I then selected a slightly lighter shade of teal-blue paint. After allowing my brush to dry, I dabbed it into the paint. Keeping the width of the brush parallel to the bottom and top edges of the canvas, I briskly tapped/dabbed the teal paint upon the canvas. This created rough edges, creating the illusion of leaves. I applied the teal paint in clusters. Some of these clusters were applied across the branches of the tree. Once this was finished, the distinct illusion of leaves had been created.


  • Finally, I used a long, straight brush with a circular tip to dab on tiny dots of dark blue paint. This added texture and dimension to the foliage of the tree.



While reading the Bible, 1 Corinthians 14:23-25 grasped my attention. Here, Paul says:

If some people are not Christians come to your church meeting while all the people are speaking in special sounds, they will think you are crazy. But if a man who is not a Christian comes to your church meeting while you are all speaking God’s Word, he will understand that he will understand that he is a sinner by what he hears. He will know he is guilty. The secrets of his heart will be brought into the open. He will get on his knees and worship God. He will say, “For sure, God is here with you!”


Paul’s main point here, put very simply, was to point out the fruitlessness of preaching in tongues/languages that others can not understand. Obviously, it is quite difficult to impact others meaningfully without speaking a language they understand. However, Paul’s words also point out the power God’s Word has on others. Thus, we can see the importance of straightforwardly speaking God’s Word for others, as the Word has the unique power to convert souls. This power lies in the Word’s ability to illuminate the darkness of sin, to bring it to the surface of one’s conscience. It is through the intimate illumination of sin which takes place within a person’s soul that leads to repentance and conversion. For this, I am reminded of Jesus’s words (John 3:20), “Everyone who sins hates the Light. He stays away from the Light because his sin would be found out.” Jesus is the Word, and the Word is the Light.


The composition of the tree’s foliage in my ongoing painting is symbolic of American churches which contain both darkness and shadows, as well as light. Some churches have become places of darkness, where scripture twisting and sin validation commonplace. Like the illusion of foliage in my painting, the illusion of holiness is maintained in unholy houses of worship. It is this illusion of holiness that sustains the false teachers’ positions of authority. As the scattered blue dots among the leaves, there may still remain a few congregants in the darkest churches who remain genuinely filled with the Light of the Holy Spirit. However, the majority of the congregants in the darkest houses have been led astray by the wolves.


How does this happen?

Notice in the image below how the foliage has overtaken the black shadows that I had laid down.While the shadows are still visible, the light has returned to prominence. In many churches the opposite is true: their trees are barren; the shadows having overtaken the branches. Like a garden unattended, weeds were left unopposed and passively permitted to flourish without reproach, and the Light of God’s Word was slowly, selectively, and purposefully twisted into language incomprehensible or kept locked away from the ears of the flock. The flock has been led into placid captivity.


Still, there are others who actively engage in their own entrapment and in the entrapment of others. These sheep, having fallen asunder through indoctrination into worshiping the false philosophies of men, will fervently reject God’s Word when it is spoken. They will bray incessantly with anger and rage to all those who plainly speak God’s Word. These are like the swine who trample pearls beneath their feet (Matthew 7:6).

“Holding fast the faithful word as he has been taught, that he may be able, by sound doctrine, both to exhort and convict those who contradict” (Titus 1:9).

Our jobs a Bible-believing Christians of all denominations is the same today as it was in Jesus’s time, in Paul’s time: we are to be a spirit-filled force of holy opposition, holding fast against the forces of darkness. We must keep ourselves directly opposite to those who espouse falsehoods. Only through our steady withstanding can we expect to bring God’s Light and His Word into our shadow-stricken churches. Only through our unwavering example can all sinners hear the language of Christ and repent, sheading their chains of sin.

“For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole purpose of God. Be on guard for yourselves and for all the flock, among which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers, to shepherd the church of God which He purchased with His own blood. “I know that after my departure savage wolves will come in among you, not sparing the flock; and from among your own selves men will arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples after them.  “Therefore be on the alert, remembering that night and day for a period of three years I did not cease to admonish each one with tears.”

(Acts 20:27-31 NASB).


Weaponizing Scripture, exploiting tragedy


Weaponizing scripture, that is, quoting scripture and applying it out of context to attack one’s political enemies and to exploit tragedy for political brownie points, has become a ritual here in America. This familiar pattern has again emerged, with fervor, following the shooting at a small-town church on Sunday.

Like a metal beam which has been bent and is no longer structurally sound, God’s Word does not serve His people when it has been distorted.

So, what exactly did the apostle James mean… continue reading



Trees Are Not Brown… And Other Truths

Project 3, Post 2: Trees Are Not Brown….. and Other Truths

In my last post (the first of this series), which can be read HERE, I described my inadvertent ruining of a once promising piece… My creative experimentation doesn’t always turn out well. I had accidentally turned a painting full of light into one now blanketed in darkness.

As I mentioned this is not dissimilar from the current state of our American churches… It is we who must confront ourselves in order to restore our churches to places of light and Truth.


Artistic Process:

I kept looking at my poor picture – that poor tree – and kicking myself for what I had done. The whole thing… It was just a big mess! My error left me feeling a bit deflated and a lot confused. What do I do now? How am I supposed to fix this? I can’t take the wax off… How do I save my picture???

As I stood there pondering my canvas catastrophe, my thoughts slowly grew in clarity and I was able to identify a new “starting point.” The streams of melted wax had blurred the boundary between the sky and the ground…

And so began the process of renewing my painting…

I mixed into being variations of yellows and greens, darks and lights (all acrylics). After determining where the horizon line would be formed, I began applying the paint using short, brisk stokes, creating grass. Using dark greens and browns I slowly created elevation changes and shadow. At last, a clear division between land and sky had been established. The mess I had made of my painting had regained a small semblance of order. Once I finished the border area I went on to rejuvenating my poor, darkness enveloped tree.


Many people don’t realize this, but tree trunks and branches are far closer in color to gray than to brown. Sure, we all grow up coloring brown trees with green leaves, but that isn’t actually representative of reality, of truth. I challenge you to go outside and find a tree. Walk up close. Is it brown or is it more of grayish in tone? HERE is a fairly simple, scientific explanation. 🙂

I carefully reformed the body of my tree using shades of gray paint. Darker shades were applied against lighter shades to create clear and distinct shadows and highlights. Grays aren’t the only colors found on the trunks of trees, however. Many trees often play host to interesting molds and fungi, many of which are greenish in tone. Therefore, I took a splayed, dry brush and dabbed small sections of the tree trunk and branches with olive-colored paint.

…Little by little I was able to uncover my lovely, knotted-old tree from that dark mess of which I had made. I could see its form, its beauty. No longer was it hidden. At once, it was as if I felt a heavy load had been lifted off my back.  Truth and clarity have that effect on us.

BELOW are pictures representing various stages of renewing and redefining my tree.



There is a clear border between land and sky, right and wrong, good and evil. However, if trees are gray instead of brown, what is the Truth about good and evil, about right from wrong? The world of fallen men has a tendency to creep into our idea of right and wrong. Have you lost site of the border, the boundary between good and evil?

Do you follow Biblical scripture or do you follow worldly scripture? Do you even know the difference?

We (Christians) of all people should be the most diligent in knowing what is Truth. That comes from diligence to knowing and understanding God’s written Word.  Paul commended the Bereans in Acts 17:11, for their scriptural diligence, writing “Now these were more noble-minded than those in Thessalonica, for they received the word with eagerness, examining the Scriptures daily, to see whether these things were so.

“…If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.” – Matthew 15:14

Right now, many Christians live in a state of ignorance. We conflate nice with good. We conflate position with honor. We are lazy and far too trusting. We assume that the lessons from the pulpit are honest and truthful and based in scripture. If you assume that your minister is preaching Truth simply because he became a minister, was hired at your church, and seems like a nice guy… You could be a lazy Christian.

Stop. Stop right this minute.

When is the last time you read from your Bible? Do you check the sermons and the words of others against scripture to determine Truth? If you don’t, you could be a lazy Christian.

Stop. Stop right this minute!

Our jobs as Christians isn’t simply to receive sermons or try to be better people. Our job is also to safeguard the Word of Christ Jesus and his message, ensuring that it is delivered to others in Truth! The Word of God is precious. However, harmful and fallacious doctrine results when the word is taken out of context and twisted around by fools. From now on, understand that you are the keeper of the Word. If you don’t read the entire story and seek to understand it, you only contribute to the abuse against it. If you do not double check references to scripture made by others, including ministers, including ME, you could be allowing the Word to be abused and misused.

If you do not seek the Truth, you do not and will not have the Truth. You do not and will not know gray from brown. You do not and will not know the difference between right from wrong and good from evil.

We must stay diligent seeking God’s Truth. We can not renew our churches without first being able to SEE the clear border between right and wrong, truth and lie. By reading God’s Word, our own failures and sinful nature come to light. – I know, because God’s Word continually  reminds me of my fallen nature as a human and the Holy Spirit is my inspiration for my continuous quest toward living as God wishes. Christ saves me from myself and he lifts me up, carrying my burdens. He walks with me and guides me forward. It is imperative that we continually renew our own spirits in Christ and in Truth, confronting ourselves. God’s Word brings the border between truth and lie, right and wrong into clear focus.

Today- rededicate yourself to God’s Truth through his Word. Pray for full understanding. Renew your soul.

This is your own new starting point! Go, now. Off your tuckuss!

“Be diligent to present yourself approved to God as a workman who does not need to be ashamed, handling accurately the Word of God.” – 2 Timothy 2:15

The Roots, Pt. 4: #BLM & the Movement for Black Lives (the conclusion)




Project 2, Post 8 – The Roots, Pt. 4: #BLM and the Movement for Black Lives (the conclusion)

Artistic Process: I repeated the various steps described in the three previous posts of this series, adding movement to my painting. This time I spattered deep-shaded, red paint onto the opposite side of my canvas. Then… as I looked upon my painting, all I saw was blood… It shook me to the bone. With such deception and anger amongst us, I can’t help but fear we are on the precipice of violence with the recent rise in the socialist militant movement of left-wing, fascist totalitarianism. When it comes to communism, history always repeats itself.


“The democratic socialist Eduard Bernstein issued a warning at the turn of the nineteenth century to his fellow Marxists. The danger of a ‘truly miraculous belief in the creative power of force,’ he prophesied, is that you begin by doing violence to reality in theory, and end up by doing violence to people in practice.”

“What distinguishes the new communism is that its leading partisans are fully aware of that potential…and embrace it as a strategy.”

~ Johnson, 2012 “World Affairs” journal



This is the fourth and final installation of an in-depth, investigative series looking into Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives. You can find the first post HERE, the second post HERE, and the third post HERE.

This process began with a visit to the #BLM official website. I have discussed the death of a friend’s grandson which was caused by injuries inflicted by a police officer. I have also described my disappointment and subsequent mourning process after having discovered the true intentions of the Black Lives Matter and Movement for Black Lives organizations. Together, you and I have examined the communist philosophy which is behind these groups, and their devastating goals for the God-given family. I have presented the proof of the communist allegiances of the groups’ leaders and the communist funding that continues to move their movement forward – using constant deceit and disinformation (dezinformatsiya) to trick us into jumping aboard their Marxist train which is steaming ahead toward a violent revolution. Together, we have also explored the sinister motives behind those who support the devastating ideology of communism, especially activists like James Cone and Cornel West who seek to victimize, exploit and foment hatred in the hearts of the black, Christian community. We have learned that devotees of socialism will, like Saul Alinsky, employ all levels of trickery to lead us astray, including the false-labeling of their goals, framing issues in emotional terms such as “equality,” “liberation,” etc.

Or, as renowned “socialist” Slavoj Zizek argues, modern communists should not make the mistake that the leftists did in the past: accepting “the basic coordinates of liberal democracy (‘democracy’ verses ‘totalitarianism’).” Instead, Zizek declares the modern day left should “fearlessly violate these liberal taboos,” adding, “So what if one is accused of being ‘anti-democratic,’ ‘totalitarian’…”


Now, it is time to fully consider what a socialist future would be like, AND to finally examine the explicit platform and demands that have been publicly declared and are listed on the website of the Movement for Black Lives. We will have to confront what their goals mean and how those goals will truly impact our lives.


~ Johnson, 2012 “World Affairs” journal

Socialism (communism/Marxism) is also called a “command economy.” Please carefully consider the following fundamental characteristics of a command economy:

  • All politics become one party (a.k.a. an “autocracy”). All power rests with this party and with the state under a single dictator.
  • The state adopts the communist’s motto, made famous by Karl Marx in Critique of the Gotha Program: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”
  • The state replaces God in several ways. First, citizens depend on the state for their income. Second, the citizens become dependent on the government for every day needs (food, soap, healthcare, diapers, etc.), because the state decides who gets what and in what amount. Third, the state becomes the moral alpha and omega: it becomes a false god. The state decides what is or is no morally acceptable behavior, replacing all religious morals with human morals. Fourth, the state pushes its own ideology that becomes a new, supreme “religion.”
  • Freedom of religion does not exist at all under socialism. Citizens that do not embrace humanistic atheism or, if the state has a specific choice for official religion, citizens who do not embrace the state’s official religion may “worship” what they please, but must do so in the privacy of their own home. Public religious expressions/practices and teaching others about one’s faith is typically strictly prohibited.
  • Personal liberties become extremely restricted.
  • There is no choice of profession in command economies. Beginning at a very young age, children are tested and a streamlining system allocates people into designated industries. For example, Spanish students who, based on tests and academic performance, have been slotted to enter universities after high school must take a university entrance exam. Based on the results of this exam, each student is assigned a degree to pursue.
  • Family autonomy is diminished or abolished. Children must attend public schools so that the state can indoctrinate all citizens and, thus, have control of the future and power over the masses.

“Whoever captures the kids owns the future.”

~ Patricia Nell Warren

  • Private property is abolished and people are allocated residences by the state.
  • Modes/methods of production are owned by the state (thus, in theory, are owned by the community/taxpayers).
  • All profit (wealth) is distributed to all citizens. (wealth redistribution)
  • The state decides/plans the allocation of resources (food, toilet paper, etc.), as well as what products and services will be provided to the citizens.
  • The state’s economy is centrally planned and managed by appointed employees of the state.
  • Production managing employees operate under party-appointed economic planners. These planners set all prices and frequently interfere with production to meet (satisfy) personal or party desires.
  • Resource supplies are not decided based on the needs of the consumers (demand), but on what was preplanned years in advance. The state creates 1 year, 5 year, 10 year, or, in the case of China, even 25 year economic plans. If the state estimates that the state’s school children population will need X amount of notebook paper in 2017, then that is it. The state tells the notebook paper manufacturers to produce that designated amount of notebook paper and then stop (no extras). Manufacturers are not given the freedom to increase costs to produce more notebook paper if, in 2017, more notebook paper is needed. (…or food, or shampoo, or clothing, or toilet paper, or baby formula, etc.)
  • Instead of simply going to the store to purchase goods when you need to buy them, you are allocated an amount of goods and services by the state. This is called rationing.
  • Operating under long-term economic plans – outside of the laws of basic economics, with little regard to the actual costs of production – state economies are inflexible and, in times of recessions, are unable to rebound quickly causing extended, deep economic recessions and often complete economic collapse.
  • Without capitalist market competition, command economies are not cost or supply efficient. (They’re wasteful of money and of resources: they fail to plan ahead and do not save money or resources in case of hard times ahead.)
  • The controlling party desires to retain power and thus community (taxpayer) resources (funds) are diverted into the military and police.
  • Due to the state’s inefficiency and desire to retain power (last 2 bullet points), consumer resource shortages occur. (medicine, food, electricity, water, gasoline, etc.) *THIS is why so many people starve to death under communism. Right now, in Venezuela, citizens have resorted to eating their own pets for sustenance, as well as animals in local zoos.


Romania’s capitalist economy was once so successful that it was even referred to as “Le Petit Paris.” All of that ended on August 15, 1947, “when Vasile Luca, the Communist Party’s Politburo member in charge of Romania’s economy, suddenly and without warning converted the country’s venerable old currency, called the leu, into a new socialist leu. Each Romanian, regardless of how much money he had owned, now received just the same small amount of the new currency. From one day to the next, there were no longer any capitalists in Romania, which on December 30, 1947, was declared a socialist country (Pacepa & Rychlak, 2016). Thirty years later, “Romania – once the second largest oil producer in Europe – had rationed gasoline, the temperature in public places during the winter was limited to 63 degrees Fahrenheit, and all shops were required to close at 5:30 p.m. to save energy. Life in Ceausescu’s Romania became so unbearable that – according to UN statistics – the country had come to lead the world in the rate of suicides” (Pacepa & Rychlak, 2016). Ceausescu was executed in 1989 for genocide.

How old will you be in 30 years, or 20 years, or 10 years? Is it your wish to be among a new statistic – just another casualty of the new, communist America?

  • Eventually, the communist state runs out of money, as it uses up all the wealth of its citizens. The wealthy citizens either flee the state or quickly lose their wealth to the state. Under socialism, the means by which wealthy citizens attained their wealth are eliminated, thus new wealth is unable to be produced.
  • Strict gun and ammunition control and/or bans are almost immediately instituted in command economies (whether comprehensively or in small and gradual regulatory bits), always under the guise of improving safety. In reality, the citizenry is disarmed to prevent government overthrow and to retain absolute political power.
  • Despite the purpose of communism being to serve and to meet the needs of the “proletariat (a.k.a. worker), communist governments, thanks to the centralization of power (in contrast to America’s divisions of power) – time and time and time and time and time again – become repressive regimes which aggrandize their own power and exploit the masses on a scale that far surpasses any capitalist states ever in existence.
  • Attempts to create communism have ended up in the creation of state-driven, authoritarian economies and regimes. The only ones who benefit from communism are single-party political elites who are not accountable to the people.

Does this system exemplify your values? Is this what you envision for the future of your country, yourself, your children?


Socialism has to be international. It’s impossible to create socialism in one country, surrounded by a world capitalist market.” 




~ Slavoj Zizek (Modern Communist)



“In 1966, sociologists Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven called for the overloading of the U.S. welfare system to force the potential collapse of our Democratic Republic government and end poverty by the government ‘guaranteeing an annual income for all Americans.’ [universal basic income, UBI] This is communism – a godless human government where the state is the ultimate entity to be worshiped and obeyed…”

“Cloward-Piven believed in forcing political change through orchestrated crisis and not surprisingly, they were both members of the Democratic Socialists of America.” ~Pastor Saiko Woods

Jump to October 2016:

President Obama has now begun bringing the subject of a UBI into the conversation, encouraging its creation by insinuating that a UBI would be the best response to the coming crisis of artificial intelligence.

President Obama’s healthcare plan has been successful too. Having almost collapsed the healthcare market ( a “crisis!” ), there is a bigger and bigger push to adopt a “single-payer” system of “universal healthcare.” We are told to close our eyes and not look at the financially drowning healthcare in Great Britain, where rationing has begun, or any other such cases of failed central planning.


Karl Marx laid out 10 ways of transforming developed, capitalist nations into communist states: the Ten Planks of Communism (Communist Manifesto, 1848):

(Note: All must be implemented through either governmental force, government regulations or legislation, or a violent, citizen revolution.)

  • Abolish all private property and apply all rents of land to public use. (*Note: According to Marx, the abolition of private property also serves to abolish the family.)
  • Implement a heavily progressive income tax structure.
  • Abolish all inheritance. (*Note: This is also aimed at dismantling the family and eliminating private property.)
  • Confiscate the property of all immigrants and all political dissenters.
  • Create a state monopoly on capital (money/funds) by centralizing all credit into a national bank controlled by the state.
  • Centralize control over and operations of communication and transportation into the hands of the state.
  • Create and extend state owned factories and modes of production. Cultivate wastelands and improve soil quality so that it can be used.
  • Establish a requirement that all citizens must work. Institute industrial, citizen armies, especially for agricultural labor.
  • Gain state control over and combine the agricultural and manufacturing industries. Gradually abolish all distinctions between city and country. Then, distribute the citizen population equally across the country.
  • Require all children attend free, government-run, public schools. Combine education with industrial production, etc.



We are now ready to examine the platform of the Movement for Black Lives (focusing on the communist intentions therein). I will list each stated platform demand and then briefly present several of the specific suggestions offered for each. The below information can be found on the group’s website.

Each stated demand is implicitly founded on an exaggerated sense of victimhood. Inflammatory language, utilized in the demands below, is a literary trick upon the mind, a betrayal upon the mind of the readers, so that hurt and emotion will override any typically rational person. Victimhood is the precise goal of these agitators: to continually victimize the black community whom they wish to exploit. They are wolves among sheep. Anger and hatred towards other groups or institutions can cause good people to suspend their sense of morality and, thus, are vital to instigating violence against others.


***(I chose to present this specific demand first, as it demonstrates the group’s and its supporting organizations’ grotesque and widespread distorted idea of reality in regards to the laws of economics and their gross overestimation of the actual amount of wealth in America and in the world, as well as their deeply held commitment to bringing about American and global communism.)

A) “Full and free access for all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people) to lifetime education including: free access and open admissions to public community colleges and universities, technical education (technology trade and agriculture), educational support programs, retroactive forgiveness of student loans, and support for lifetime learning programs” — Government, taxpayer funding to “cover all living costs, including but not limited to housing, transportation, childcare, healthcare, and food for students.” Government must “provide full access to all undocumented people.” Pass a bill through congress that would give “undocumented people” state and federal money to provide for and “to cover all tuition, fees, and living costs.” The President should “issue an executive order abolishing all” student debt.

Here’s the math based on the latest statistics:

  • According to Forbes as of March 1, 2016, the combined wealth of all the billionaires in the whole wide world is $6.48 trillion (US dollars). *Keep this number in mind
  • 41,470,000 black Americans + 11,000,000 illegal immigrants in the US = 52,470,000
  • 2015-2016 Average Tuition Cost for 1 Year at a Public University for 1 Person = $9,410
  • 2015-2016 Avery Cost for 1 Year of “Room and Board” at a Public University for 1 Person = $8,887

*Note: The “Room and Board” cost does NOT include all of the other “living expenses” that the Movement for Black Lives is demanding. (I did not include healthcare, food, transportation, childcare, etc…)

  • Add together 1 Year of Tuition for 1 Person with 1 Year Room and Board for 1 Person:

$9,410 + $8,887 = $18,297

  • Multiply the 52,470,000 (the combined number of black Americans and illegal immigrants) by $18,297 (the combined cost for 1 single year of college tuition with room and board for the 2015-2016 school year)

52,470,000 X $18,296 = $960,043,590,000 (over $960 BILLION dollars – almost ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!)

  • Conclusion: It will cost the United States’ taxpayers almost 1 trillion dollars EVERY YEAR to provide college tuition and room and board for this one combined group alone (without even accounting for rises in cost for future years)!
  • Money left over from the world’s combined wealth from billionaires:

$6.48 trillion – $960,043,590,000 = $5,519,956,410,000

B) “A guaranteed minimum livable income for all Black people” — A “Universal Basic Income (UBI)” must be enacted to provide every single adult, in America and globally, with an income. This UBI does not “have any work requirements” of individuals to receive this income. This is one of the major planks of the new communist movement worldwide. Plus, “a pro-rated additional amount” of money should be given to all black Americans. The authors declare their disdain for capitalism, and use a familiar method (a smoke screen) for discrediting the American economy and her institutions by claiming that America is racist at her core. “America’s deep-rooted system of racial capitalism,” they say, drives “unequal economic outcome” which is, predictably, “structural racism.” For this reason, the American economy and the economy of all other capitalist countries must be replaced with socialism (Marxism/communism). “No other social or economic policy solution today would be of efficient scale to eradicate the profound and systemic economic inequities afflicting Black communities.” This would of course require raising income taxes, “taxes on public goods like air,” and defunding various other societal institutions, specifically “criminal justice institutions.” Of course, even if all of these efforts at capturing the revenue to provide a UBI were enacted, there would never be enough money to actually execute this plan without creating worldwide poverty and devastation.

Here’s the math: Since the Democratic Party is seeking $15 p/h minimum wage as being a “living wage”, I will use that number as a base starting point.

  • $15 p/hr multiplied by a 40 hour work week (considered full-time work)

15 X 40 = $600 Per Week Income for 1 Person

  • Multiply Weekly Income by the Number of Weeks in a Year

$600 X 52 = $31,200 Income for 1 Person for 1 Year

  • Multiply the one year income total by the number of black Americans

$31,200 X 41,470,000 = $1,293,864,000,000 (over 1 TRILLION dollars)

*Every single year, we would need over 1 TRILLION dollars just to provide a UBI to black Americans alone, excluding all other Americans and excluding all other people across the globe!

  • So now let’s start subtracting from our original world billionaire number:

$6,480,000,000,000 – $960,043,590,000 (tuition, room and board) = $5,519,956,410,000

$5,519,956,410,000 – $1,293,864,000,000 (UBI for black Americans ONLY)  = $4.226,092,214,000

  • What if we institute a UBI for all Americans? (excluding all other people in the world) Multiply the total number of American Citizens by $31,200 Income Per 1 Year

324,819,452 X 31,200 = $10,134,366,902,400

  • Let’s do the math:
  • $6,480,000,000,000 – $960,043,590,000 (tuition, room and board for black Americans and illegal immigrants) = $5,519,956,410,000

$5,519,956,410,000 – 10,134,366,902,400 =

-$4,614,410,492,400  (NEGATIVE 4.6 TRILLION DOLLARS)

  • Conclusion: There is literally not enough money in the world to support the socialist desires extolled by the Movement for Black Lives and their cohorts!


With the UBI not having a work requirement, do we want to establish a precedent where people receive money for doing nothing?

John in Chapter 6 records the miracle of Jesus “Feeding of the Five Thousand.” What many don’t recall are the events that took place afterward…

Instantly, thousands of people followed Jesus, because they were seeking free food. Jesus recognized this and said to the people, “…you seek Me, not because you saw the signs, but because you ate the loaves and were filled.” He went on to emphasize the importance of seeking spiritual food.

But…but… the people continued, “Our fathers ate the manna in the desert; as it is written, ‘He gave them bread from heaven to eat.’  ”

Now, instead of proving more free food for the thousands of people, Jesus taught them that he is “the bread of life.” This did not please his followers. They left Jesus and sought him no longer.

“From that time many of His disciples went back and walked with him no more.”

JESUS understands what socialists do not. Dependency deludes people about where their sustenance really comes from (it come from God). It also dehumanizes and demotivates us. *It was in this moment with the masses that Christ actually performed another miracle for the people, one of true compassion: He sent them away.


The remainder of the Movement for Black Lives’ demands listed below follow the same unrealistic, money-driven pattern that has historically led to the financial collapse of countries around the globe. In addition, several of the demands actually increase the risk of violence in the community.


  • “A progressive restructuring of tax codes” to achieve “radical” “redistribution of wealth” — increase income tax to 80%, tax all citizens’ investment growth (capital gains), increase estate tax (inheritance tax, “death tax”), impose a wealth tax on tangible assets (home, car, land, tools, etc.), tax undesirable activities, employ tax sharing between localities, tax personal property and all other local taxes based on an individual’s income amount, increase property taxes for home and businesses based on the assessed value of the property (example: “Mansion tax”)
  • “Government job programs,” and monetary, government provided “compensation(income) for those in the care economy” (the “care economy” means stay-at-home moms, etc.). “Job programs must provide a living wage…”
  • “A right to restored land” and the “end to the exploitative privatization of natural resources,” plus “democratic control” (government control) over the way that resources are “distributed” — institute “fair development” laws on publicly and privately owned and used land to ensure the “equitable distribution of the benefits of development” to the entire community, “which takes precedence over market imperatives”
  • Use “government directed resources” (government money) develop a “cooperative… social economy,” and use tax money to “facilitate trade across and in black communities globally”


  • “An end to the criminalization of Black political activity” and the “immediate release of all political prisoners,” and remove all “freedom fighters” from the “International Terrorists list” —- End all investigations into militant black activists and activist activity. Remove Assata Shakur from the International Terrorists list (cop killer and radical socialist from the “Black Liberation Army,” currently resides in Cuba). Release “activists and freedom fighters” Imam Jamil Al Amin (a.k.a. H Rap Brown: cop killer, encourages arson and promotes violence as being “as American as apple pie”); Kamau Sadiki (radical socialist, cop killer and bomber associated with the Black Panther Party); the “San Francisco 8” (radical socialists and cop killers associated with the Black Panther Party).

Do we want our society’s role models to be violent murderers?

  • “Public financing of elections” (taxpayer funding of elections); lower the standards for “candidates” to run for public office, and elect more “low-income” people to public office

Do we want unqualified people making major decisions effecting our lives?

  • “The right to vote for all people” — Allow illegal aliens, convicted felons, and currently incarcerated criminals to vote in elections to “expand the pool of eligible voters.”


  • End “criminalization and dehumanization of Black youth” which “includes an end to zero-tolerance school policies and arrests of students, the removal of police from schools, and the reallocation of funds from police and punitive school discipline practices to restorative services.” — Redefine “youth” being “children under the age of 23. “Ban all” criminal “prosecution of children under the age of 23.” Address “state-sanctioned violence that stems from over-policed schools.” Institute racial quotas for “school discipline policies.” Pass laws that ban all school “exclusionary discipline (suspensions, expulsions, and arrests).” Use tax funds “for fully funding restorative programs.” Institute local “campaigns that target police.”
  • “An end to all deportations, immigrant detention, and Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) raids” — Immigrants with “criminal contact” (criminal records) should no longer be subject to “detention and deportation.” A moratorium on all deportations should be enacted. Pass a legislative bill that fully “prohibits state and local law enforcement” from “collaborating with ICE.” “Pass a ‘Sanctuary’ bill that prohibits ICE from making any arrests for criminal activity on “state-owned property.”
  • “End the war on Black trans, queer, and gender nonconforming people” via legislation. — Provide “real, meaningful, and equitable universal health care.” — End all “public jails, detention centers, youth facilities and prisons.” Pass a bill that expands health care to all U.S. residents,” and prohibit any “exclusions of procedures trans people need” (sex-reassignment surgery and hormone therapy). Pass a bill that allows anyone to change his/her “gender identity on official documents without judge or doctor approval.”
  • “An end to the mass surveillance of Black communities” including a ban on the use of various technologies, such as police “body cameras.” — Enact federal and state legislation which requires a court warrant before any surveillance technology can be put into place and into use by localities, including street cameras, license plate readers, domestic drones, stingray cell phone interceptors and other technologies deployed in public spaces.” Pass federal and state legislation that “allows an individual to know when their information has been tracked.” Institute “total prohibition on the acquisition of any new surveillance technology or development of surveillance program.” Enact an “immediate abolition of any and all use of surveillance technology and programs.” All agencies must immediately inform “individuals and organizations” of past and present surveillance “who have been targeted.” Tax payer provided “full reparations” to all “individuals and organizations” who have been monitored. Federal agencies must “stop providing grants for the purchase of surveillance technologies to local police departments.” Localities must enact policies which require “a community input process prior to purchasing any technology or software that will be used for policing and ‘counter-terrorism’”


  • “An end to the privatization of education” — “Place a moratorium on charter schools” and “force the federal government” to pay for “a bigger chunk than they already do.” “Put a moratorium on all out-of-school suspensions. Shut down all juvenile detention centers. Remove police from schools…” Eliminate all debt of black municipalities.
  • Direct participation in “budgeting at the local, state, and federal level.” — Transform public revenue to ensure “economic justice.” “Shift existing federal funding toward participatory human rights budgeting” including “housing subsidies” and “health funding” that “prioritizes the needs of the most marginalized” communities. “Control over local resources should also be seen as a form of reparations.” The primary focus for public budgets and public funding must be “on the Black communities.”



(In “Prison Notebooks,” Antonio Gramsci of Italy writes that a new “proletariat” be created comprised of criminals and racial minorities. For decades, Marxist theorists have written extensively about encouraging the exploitation of minorities with criminal histories, broken homes and poor educations. Without an army made of angry, ignorant and morally dubious people who lack self-control and can be easily manipulated – the type of people one is most likely to find amongst the prison population (in any country) – then the dream of a violent revolution will not come to fruition. As always, communist adherents are happy to exploit minorities to further their cause.)

  • “A reallocation of funds at the federal, state and local level” — Congress should end “mandated support” (federal funding) of all prisons and police departments. Focus on reallocating funds so that specific groups, including LGBTQ and trans people, “could be prioritized for funding.”
  • “The retroactive decriminalization, immediate release and record expungement of all drug related offenses…” and “reparations for the devastating impact of ‘the war on drugs.’” — “Ensure that individuals who use, possess, or sell drugs or trade sex are not subject to arrest, detention or conviction,” and provide so that past offenders can now participate in legal drug markets. Create a requirement that all monetary saving from ending such “criminalization” should then be “invested into reparations to all people who have been adversely impacted by the drug war and enforcement of prostitution laws.” In addition, monetary saving must also go to providing government funded “addiction support treatment.” The government should immediately “repeal portions of the Immigration Reform and Control Act” which list drug felonies as a cause for deportation.
  • “Equitable universal health care” that will guarantee government, taxpayer funding for, among other things, abortions, “paid parental leave,” and gender transition services and procedures. — End the United States’ current “patriarchal racialized capitalist system” (and replace it with socialism) that enables the existence of “culturally incompetent physicians.” “Pass a bill to expand public health care to all U.S. residents and mandate that the wealthy residents pay for a portion of their services while low-income and working class folks receive free services.”
  • “A constitutional right” to “fully-funded education” — “Enhance the role of the national government.” Establish a funding requirement to provide “a social worker for every 40 students, free health care services” (including abortion and gender transition services), dental care, food, and “free daycare,” among other things.
  • “A divestment from industrial multinational use of fossil fuels” — Invest in clean energy and invest in creating a cooperative “food hub” to “pool food produced from local farmers.” Shift resources to “a more democratic” economy whereas money can be redistributed, “particularly in Black communities.” Reduce military expenditures in the use of fossil fuels.
  • A “reallocation” of military funds toward “community well-being” — Weaken America’s “empire” and “power.” “Build invest/divest campaigns that ends the US aid to Israel’s military industrial complex.” Make a “commitment to a green economy” that deeply understands “the threat of climate change.” “Expand American public transportation.” “End the Israeli occupation of Palestine.”


Unlike the fallacious claims of “embedded racism” against America, Marxism is ripe and heavy with racism that frequently and historically manifests itself in the form of anti-Semitism.

“Long before we had the word Holocaust, we had the Russian word pogrom, meaning massacre. Russia’s first pogrom against the Jews took place in 1881 in Yelisavetgrad” (Pacepa & Rychlak, 2016). At that time, “the local administration called for the people’s wrath to be vented on the Jews, and the impoverished peasants obliged. A wave of killings, rapes, and the pillaging of Jews spread quickly to hundreds of other towns. It soon reached Warsaw and from there, on to the rest of the Russian Empire” (Pacepa & Rychlak, 2016).

Count Nikolay Ignatyev, the Russian minister of the interior, blamed the Jews themselves for the massacre, saying “The passion for acquisition and money-grabbing is inherent in the Jew from the day of his birth; it is characteristic of the Semitic race, manifest from almost the first page of the Bible.” Doesn’t that sound familiar? (Hitler)

“The anti-Semitic ideas were soon embodied in a document titled “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” which was supposedly the recorded meeting minutes of the first Zionist Congress showing the Jews’ plot to take over the world. Instead, a Russian dezinformatsiya (disinformation) member of the Okhrana (secret police) had simply plagiarized a French document call the “Joly book,” substituting the words “the world” for “France” and “the Jews” for “Napolean III.” The Times of London even published a scathing article exposing the fraud in a 1921 expose.



As evidenced a by the above demands, the new communists are exactly like the old: they view the world through the lens of their own preoccupation with money and material things. There is no emphasis on what is best for one’s soul. There is no consideration for one’s emotional and spiritual needs. This is why communism/socialism is oft referred to as the gospel of envy, selfishness, and lies. The biggest trick of deception that Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives has played on us was to make us think that they actually cared about black lives. As all of the evidence shows, the single goal has always been to further their socialist cause. It’s a punch in the gut for many of us.

For our friends who have already devoted themselves to this false god, there is little chance you or I can change their minds. We can, however, pray for them by ask God to change their hearts and minds.

“The religion of socialism is a faith utterly impervious to facts and logic. Socialist failure is irrelevant, because only intentions count when you’re on the side of the angels. No amount of evidence can pierce the force fields that surround the socialist mind. These people insist they are enlightened, but they are invincibly ignorant.”

~ Matthew Vadum, 2015

It has been my intention to bring awareness to God’s children and to address the reality of these groups, as disheartening as it may be. Wisdom is a gift. It is a chance to free yourself from Satan’s deceptive grasp. I hope that you – even as you may be shocked and disappointed – will find this information liberating.

Only through Christ’s truth is mankind able to be free.

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The Roots Pt. 3: BLM & the Movement for Black Lives


Project 2, Post 7 —  The Roots Pt. 3: BLM & the Movement for Black Lives

Artistic Process: After preparing my canvas (as described in the 1st two posts in this series) I slightly watered down a light gray paint. Using a medium paintbrush, I slung the paint at the second, splash-board canvas and allowed the paint to splash back into my painting. All in all, it did not work as I had intended… Hmmm. I ended up simply slinging the paint directly onto my picture. Afterwards, I pulled up the tape dividing my canvas. As you can see, there is a clear line where the gray paint stopped. This part was successful. Next, I’ll add color in a similar way to the opposite side of my canvas.

If you have not yet read the two previous posts, please do so before continuing… You can find the 1st post HERE and the 2nd post HERE. (Click HERE for part 4)

You and I can say that black lives matter. However, we must be careful not to endorse organizations behind such movements without actually understanding those organizations’ true goals and intentions. We must be sure our values are represented, not undermined.

In my last two posts I have discussed the death of a friend’s grandson which was caused by police officers, the #BLM’s true intentions for the ultimate fate of families which is against God’s plan, the BLM’s exploitation of the deaths of black men to further communism while giving little to no actual consideration to black men or to police brutality on their official website, and the communist allegiances of the BLM leaders, as well as the communist groups funding the BLM movement. *In this post I will examine the reasons many of my black brothers and sisters in Christ fall prey to such groups and to others whose true motives are the implementation of a Marxist utopia… an anti-Christian, global state.



Marx and Engels wrote extensively about their disdain for capitalism and about their ideal communist state. However, through all of their condemnation and theorizing, Marx and Engels really didn’t give very much thought or consideration to how a communist economy/culture would actually work and economically last. For these answers all you and I have to do is open a history book.

Communism/Socialism, when put into practice, has a long, gruesome, and repetitive history complete with millions upon millions of human casualties in the 20th century alone:

  • The People’s Republic of China body count: 73,237,000 human casualties
  • Union of Soviet Socialist Republics body count: 58,627,000 human casualties
  • Russian Soviet Federated Socialist Republic body count: 3,284,000 human casualties
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea body count: 3,163,000 human casualties
  • Cambodia body count: 2,627,000 human casualties
  • Democratic Republic of Afghanistan body count: 1,750,000 human casualties
  • Vietnam body count: 1,670,000 human casualties
  • People’s Democratic Republic of Ethiopia body count: 1,343,610 human casualties
  • Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia body count: 1,072,000 human casualties
  • Chinese Soviet Republic body count: 700,000 human casualties
  • People’s Republic of Mozambique body count: 700,000 human casualties
  • Socialist Republic of Romania body count: 435,000 human casualties
  • People’s Republic of Bulgaria body count: 222,000 human casualties
  • Etc.
  • Etc.
  • Etc


With such an extensive and horrific history, why then do so many people find communism appealing? More to the point, why are groups like Black Lives Matter and the Movement for Black Lives working to transform the US into a communist state?

“A worldview recently the source of immense suffering and misery, and responsible for more deaths than fascism and Nazism, is mounting a comeback; a new form of left-wing totalitarianism that enjoys intellectual celebrity but aspires to political power.”

~ Alan Johnson, World Affairs journal

People embrace Communism for a variety of reasons. The main reason is that socialism (communism/Marxism) sounds wonderful! It really does! It is an ideology of a perfect world; a cause that sounds worthy of one’s devotion and energy. Because it sounds wonderful, many people fall into its trappings – promises for a life better than their own present circumstances. These people can be categorized as follows:

  • Elites (few in number): These are rich, ideological individuals who are working to manipulate events to further the communist goal of a centrally planned economy. They implement systematic indoctrination of the masses in order to overthrow the current economy and government structure so that it can be replaced by a “command system” (communism).
  • Followers and Conformists (large in number): These individuals trust and believe their liberal professors, as well as what bureaucrats, opportunists, and unknowledgeable peers tell them. They are misinformed and misled.
  • Opportunists (large in number): These individuals see the possibility for their own personal gain (power & money) in going along with fads and perpetuating myths. These are businesses, politicians, etc. They assist in the indoctrination of the masses (exploitation) for personal gain.
  • Fearful and Insecure (large in number): These individuals worry and may feel overwhelmed in life. They see safety in the possibility of having a government that can meet all of their economic needs and, thus, take care of them and ease their worries. This group of people is especially susceptible to falling prey to the indoctrinators.


To understand Marxism’s human appeal, we must first know what Marx’s ideological economic plan is. Communism (command economy) is, theoretically, a commune-style, community owned operation without capital (forms of money). Humans are treated equally, with a requirement of all to work. All resources and products are then distributed equally to all citizens, ensuring a class-free standard of living. All-in-all, it sounds wonderful: no class struggle, no inequality, the government supplying citizens with healthcare, education, living expenses, childcare, etc., with no unnecessary competition or antagonisms, etc. However, this theory is just a fantasy, because we’ve just left out one whole half of the complete equation. The majority of “indoctrinates” are either not privy to the specifics, or, they simply ignore the specifics of Marx’s economic plan since reality is far less desirable than fantasy. In reality, we must consider both the positives and negatives. We can’t simply live our lives ignoring half of the plan – half of reality.

So, let’s take a more complete look at communism in actual practice: (*Note, the below is a brief representation. A more complete look will follow in my 4th and last post.)

  • All politics become one party (a.k.a. an “autocracy”). All power rests with this party and with the state under a single dictator.
  • Modes/methods of production are owned by the state (thus, in theory, are owned by the community/taxpayers).
  • All profit (wealth) is distributed to all citizens. (wealth redistribution)
  • The state decides/plans the allocation of resources (food, toilet paper, etc.), as well as what products and services will be provided to the citizens.
  • The state’s economy is centrally planned and managed by appointed employees of the state.
  • Production managing employees operate under party-appointed economic planners. These planners set all prices and frequently interfere with production to meet (satisfy) personal or party desires.
  • Resource supplies are not decided based on the needs of the consumers (demand), but on what was preplanned months, sometimes years in advance. If the state estimates that the state’s school children population will need X amount of notebook paper in 2017, then that is it. The state tells the notebook paper manufacturers to produce that designated amount of notebook paper and then stop (no extras). Manufacturers are not given the freedom to increase costs to produce more notebook paper if, in 2017, more notebook paper is needed. (…or food, or shampoo, or clothing, or toilet paper, or baby formula, etc.)
  • Without capitalist market competition, command economies are not cost or supply efficient. (They’re wasteful of money and of resources: they fail to plan ahead and do not save money or resources in case of hard times ahead.)
  • The controlling party desires to retain power and thus community (taxpayer) resources (funds) are diverted into the military and police.
  • Due to the state’s inefficiency and desire to retain power (last 2 bullet points), consumer resource shortages occur. (food, electricity, water, gasoline, etc.)*THIS is why so many people starve to death under communism.
  • Despite the purpose of communism being to serve and to meet the needs of the “proletariat (a.k.a. worker), communist governments, thanks to the centralization of power (in contrast to America’s divisions of power), communist regimes – time and time and time and time and time again – become repressive regimes which aggrandize their own power and exploit the masses on a scale that far surpasses any capitalists ever in existence.


 “Watch out for false teachers. They come to you dressed as if they were sheep. On the inside they are hungry wolves.”

~ Jesus, the Book of Matthew, 7:15

My black brothers and sisters in Christ are especially susceptible. Unbeknownst to most, there has been a powerful and influential wolf living within the sheep…


(First, a look back…) Many Jews anticipated the coming of the Messiah. Their anticipatory idealization of Christ rested on and reflected the Jew’s own history and experiences in being oft oppressed peoples. By the time of the birth of the “King of the Jews,” God’s people expected Jesus to come storming into Jerusalem, conquer the Romans with a righteous sword, and ultimately bring the Jewish people back into political control of their land, establishing infinite peace. Because many religious leaders of the time had bolstered Christ’s conqueror image from prophecy, failing to teach the prophecies that depicted Christ as also being a sufferer, many Jews were disappointed and did not believe in Christ, the Messiah. Instead, they rejected him.

Feeling angry and frustrated with both his current circumstances as a black man in the mid-20th century and also with Christ for, as he believed it, not doing enough for black Americans, James Cone founded a new “Christianity” known as Black Liberation Theology.  Just like many of the Jews who lived during Jesus’s physical years spent on Earth, James Cone rejected Jesus for not embodying the “idea” that Cone alone had envisioned and had wanted Christ to be. In effort to cope with this contradiction, Cone created Black Liberation Theology which narrowly interprets the New Testament to focus singularly on alleviating black oppression, with the goal of a black revolution to overthrow and destroy “the white devil in us.” Cone went even further, actually re-creating God and Christ, manifesting the idea that any god who is not aligned with Cone’s new philosophy/theology must be “killed.” Writing book after book after book, James Cone’s ideas successfully infiltrated the masses. Little by little, James H. Cone’s new religion blossomed and was ultimately adopted by a minority, but still growing number of black, Christian churches. The resulting false “religion” created by James Cone has become a thorn in the sides of many black pastors as they seek to preach the truth.

“Black theology refuses to accept a God who is not identified totally with the goals of the black community. If God is not for us and against White people, then he is a murderer, and we had better kill him.”

~ James Cone


“If you love those who love you, what pay can you expect from that? Do not even the tax collectors do that? If you say hello only to the people you like, are you doing any more than the others? The people who do not know God do that much. You must be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

~ Jesus, the Book of Matthew, 5:46-48

Black Liberation Theology “is the adoption of victimhood as the core of one’s identity” which “distorts the reality of true progress” (Bradley, 2008). “The remnants of discrimination hold an obsessive, indignant fascination that allows only passing acknowledgement of any signs of progress” (McWhorter, 2000). John McWhorter (a black academic, professor, commentator, author and critic) has written about the dangers of embracing this type of victimhood. In his book, Losing the Race, he articulates three major downsides of victimology. First, it condones weakness in failure. Second, it hampers progress from the outset, because victimology only focuses on obstacles. Third, it actually keeps racism alive, because it repeatedly paints whites as racists without providing any evidence to support such claims. “Racism charges create a context for backlash and resentment fueling new attitudes among whites not previously held or articulated, and creates ‘separatism’ – a  suspension of moral judgment in the name of racial solidarity” (Bradley, 2008).

“The task of Black theology is to kill Gods who do not belong to the black community… Black theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy. …Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love.”

~James Cone


“But the Lord said to Samuel, ‘Do not look on his appearance or on the height of his stature, because I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees; man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”

~ 1 Samuel, 16:7

Enter MARXISM. (Communism/socialism)

James H. Cone, in For My People, declares that “the Christian faith does not possess in its nature the means for analyzing the structure of capitalism. Marxism as a tool of social analysis can disclose the gap…” Cone sees Karl Marx’s thought as useful, because it provides black liberation theologians with a method of critiquing racism in terms of victimhood, power, and revolution. Thus, it is no coincidence that one may often hear sermons from the pulpit which emphasize “wealth redistribution” (a.k.a. “mal-distribution,” “economic parity,” “economic justice/equality”) and which condemn capitalism – foundations of Karl Marx’s Communism. In his essay, “Black Theology and Marxist Thought,” Cornel West (another black liberation theologian) offered a call for integration of Marxism and Black Liberation Theology. West calls for “a serious dialogue between Black theologians and Marxist thinkers” for the purposes of “mutually arrived-at political action.” The result of the unholy marriage between Black Liberation Theology and Marxism is millions of Americans embracing victimhood as a key part of their identity, focusing perpetually on obstacles rather than on progress and on forgiveness, and experiencing large-scale brainwashing/indoctrination into communism. It is heresy!

And, let me not go any further without stating that Black Liberation Theology is, unequivocally, racist. It teaches hate, not love. It teaches vengeance, not forgiveness. It wounds its followers, not heal them.

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord’ will go into the holy nation of heaven. The one who does the things My Father in heaven wants him to do will go into the holy nation of heaven. Many people will say to Me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not preach in Your Name? Did we not put out many demons in Your Name? Did we not do many powerful works in Your Name?’ Then I will say to them in plain words, ‘I never knew you. Go away from Me, you who do wrong!’”

~ Jesus, the Book of Matthew, 7:21-23


“These people show respect to Me with their mouth, but their heart is far from Me. Their worship of Me is worth nothing. They teach what men have made up.”

~ Isaiah 29:13, as recounted by Jesus in Matthew 15:8-9

It is very difficult for people to fight off spiritual, outside attacks. It is even harder for people to withstand spiritual attacks with within their own community, their own trusted, inner circle. Thus, many have fallen prey to the false teaching of James H. Cone, Cornel West, and other Black Liberation theologians. The hate and the victimhood are absorbed into one’s own heart… almost guaranteeing a dreadful future fate for one’s own soul.

One might say, “They drank the cool-aide.”

It is the eternal resting place of one’s soul that has led me to bring this issue into light. While it may not be a popular stance, it is the right stance. I hold the black community so truly dear to my heart that I would rather risk being the recipient of criticism, hate mail, etc., than to sit idly and silently by and allow my brothers and sisters in Christ be taken advantage of.

Leaders of BLM and the Movement for Black Lives have been influenced (indoctrinated) into the religion-like cult of the new communism, and thus all their daily works must further that singular goal. It’s not that these people was bad things… They genuinely believe in the cause. However, it is yet another example of the blind leading the blind.

Remember, we (Christians) are not of this world. We are of the heavens: We are God’s chosen ones. Do not be fooled by the wolf in sheep’s clothing, but instead seek the light of truth, even when it is risky to do so…

“Every plant that My father in heaven did not plant will be pulled up by the roots. Let them alone. They are blind. If one bling man leads another blind man, they will both fall into a hole.”

~ Jesus, the Book of Matthew, 15:13-14


*My next post (the last in the series) will cover the specific details of the BLM’s and the Movement for Black Lives’s demands.


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Project 1, Post 6: To Pee or Not to Pee… It’s Complicated

Project 1, Post 6: To Pee or Not To Pee… It’s Complicated

Preface to Reflection:

In my last post I described my intention to paint “simplistic” blue flowers, as well as the fact that simplicity isn’t one of my innate artistic abilities. Well, my blue flowers have now turned out more complicated than I intended for them to be. Yes, my three, blue flowers are still somewhat simple, but far more complicated than I had imagined in my mind. This is often the case with my artwork.

Note: In my next post, I will test my original hypothesis and will try to UNCOVER the aluminum foil that I laid underneath my painting. I shall see if it actually works! Gosh, I sure hope that it does!!!

(Read the Artistic Process below the Reflection.)


It’s complicated…

In life, there are few issues that are simple, black and white, and straight forward. Most of life’s journey leads us down complicated paths and requires us to make decisions regarding complicated choices, complicated issues. …Such is true for the North Carolina “Bathroom Bill.”

Celebrities, sports organizations, large companies, politicians, etc. have decried North Carolina’s law requiring people use the restroom that coincides with the sex on their birth certified, which in almost all cases is one’s biological sex.

It’s discrimination! It’s bigotry! It’s hate!  –  Or is it?

There are several key elements/points one must examine to determine the answer to this question:

  • North Carolina state law was already in place prohibiting localities from enacting their own anti-discrimination rules. Thus, the city of Charlotte broke state law by doing so. The only reason the state legislature even acted on this matter was a direct response to a municipality disregarding state policy. This, the state has attempted to restore uniformity.
  • Why is it important for municipalities to align with the state? As a human development professional, it is easy for me to understand why. Humans being flourish and society too flourishes when there is a clear set of rules and expectations, called boundaries. *These are the good kind of boundaries that are vital for our well-being, children and adults alike. In government, the state sets a particular set of boundaries. It is important for municipalities to work with those assigned boundaries to prevent chaos within the state itself, ensuring civic/government functionality. For example, a state citizen may move from one city to another already knowing the rules. Sally won’t have to fear possible fines or jail time for breaking a law that she never knew existed simply by changing her address. Johnny won’t be able to move from one city to the other just so he can purposefully commit an offense that was illegal in his original city of dwelling. So, this uniformity guarantees accountability for all citizens and it also guarantees protections for all citizens within the state.
  • Subjective ideas driving laws ignores factual evidence, thus creating laws that were formed with little higher-level, critical thinking or considerations. Case in point, human beings are prone to taking full advantage of situations entirely for their own benefit.

Two examples:

  1. At a restaurant when I was 11 years old, I can remember my mother “identifying” me to the waiter as being 10 years old in order to pay the discounted meal cost for children “10 and under.” Did she forget that I was 11? I doubt it.
  2. At an event a couple of years later, I can remember my father “identifying” me to the Doorman as being 13 years old so that he and I could attend the event which prohibited children twelve years and under. At the time, I was 12. Had my dad mistakenly aged me up by one year? I doubt it.

These harmless examples show how every day, good, normally honest people will sometimes be dishonest for their own gain. Do you know anyone who used a fake ID in high school or college?

*The point is that it is foolish to presume anything contrary to the absolute, concrete fact that there would most definitely be people jumping at the chance to “identify” as one sex in order to gain access to the restroom used by people of the other sex simply for perverse, personal gain.

  • Privacy and Safety for All State Citizens: Fact- Men and women are physically different. Men are naturally stronger, even those who possess a slight, unassuming, physical stature. Fact- Bathrooms are closed, secluded spaces usually consisting of only 1 exit. It is entirely reasonable for women to feel uncomfortable and fearful at the idea of being alone in confined, isolated spaces with men who are strangers. Women are taken advantage of by men every day in this country, often in spaces incompatible with the ability for an easy escape.
  •  Fact- People like privacy. Apple refused to unlock a terrorist’s iPhone for privacy’s sake. Fact- Gender and sexual orientation do not always match. Many transsexuals are still attracted to people of the opposite sex, to the people of the very sex the transsexuals are trying to become. Thus, simply because a man is living as a woman does not mean he is not still very much “straight,” attracted to women. Given these facts, for the average person, changing in front of a transsexual still renders the same level of emotional discomfort, fear, and feelings of complete exposure as would changing in front of the opposite sex. So, would it have been acceptable for the state government to force modest citizens into humility and strip them of their integrity and privacy by requiring them to undress in the presence of the opposite sex? Should we all hand over our phones and most intimate moments to the government to put on public display? Of course not. Acting to protect the physical privacy and integrity of citizens should be understood as a highly valued virtue of any government.
  • Emotional Suffering from Both Sides: Transsexual individuals say they would feel uncomfortable using the restroom of their biological sex. I understand that. If a man were living as a women, I can easily see that using the men’s bathroom would cause someone fear and emotional distress. Yet, the same is true for the general population. Would it be wise for the government to demoralize the masses to appease a few? Is that just law? More importantly, is that a characteristic of a genuinely representative government, one that disenfranchises almost all of its citizens? Would a representative government only extend its empathy to a few?

Would a representative government rank and determine the innate value of its citizens by the amount of corporate money it receives? Does Apple determine your personal worth? Of course not.

  • Is granting special privileges based on subjective ideals about someone’s identify the only way to accommodate this small segment of society? No.


This is a complicated issue that has little, if any link to acceptance and discrimination- the black and white clarity that some would prefer us to believe. As a minister I feel it is my duty to point out the truths that are often hidden beneath the emotional hysteria of public outrage.

In conclusion, when considering – and I mean honestly considering – the above points I believe it is extremely difficult to deny the evidence that North Carolina in no way acted in a discriminatory, bigoted or hateful fashion. Instead, I argue that the state should be commended for its common sense, critically composed and conceptualized policy: a policy that far more adequately represents its own citizens than any pretend-policy that may possibly be proposed by the “vocabulary-stone” throwing, loud mouths attempting to degrade the very human worth of all who oppose their subjective, ever-evolving views.

I pray that the leaders in North Carolina will be given the strength needed to stay the course and that those so filled with anger and misinformation find the peace and openness of mind to consider the truths of some views contrary to their own. I also pray that all of us are able to understand and consider just how complicating some issues are and that we seek that information in order to be informed citizens. Amen!

The Artistic Process:

To add depth, I used bright, light blue and white to define the outer edges of the petals, especially where the petals overlap. To further accentuate this, I used deep, dark blue directly next to the bright blues and whites, giving the illusion of shadow upon the lower petals. To add a pinch of color variation, I used my fingers to smear yellow paint onto the petals in small areas. Later, in keeping with a contemporary-impressionistic approach, I used solid black to outline the flowers, adding a few black flecks upon the petals where desired. *Note: If you have difficulty with placing lights and darks, just reference a picture of a flower and focus on the shadows and brightest points on each petal.

In the background, I added tall reeds using long, smooth strokes. I brought in the yellow from the petals by creating the illusion of wheat/cat tails. Using quick, rapid, “conscience—free” strokes of the paint brush, I striped/flicked on the paint to create the feathering bristles of tall wheat grass.